The One Song That Will Always Comfort Me


Have you ever listened to a song filled with reflection or a message you needed that came at just the right time? Well, for me, a piece that stays with me, primarily through my childhood, still affects me in adulthood. 

This song in question is titled “You Gotta Be” by Des’ree.

What’s unique about this song is that it came out the same year and a couple of months after my birth. But this song was presented to me as a child in the fifth grade. I don’t know why, but it would follow me, especially during the years of dealing with uncertainty, loneliness, and bullying, as an exhausted girl. 

This song has given me comfort and ease, especially with my ongoing adventure of pain and confusion and dealing with middle school trauma.

This song provides a moving message, starting with lyric that go like this: 

“Challenge what the future holds.

Try and keep your head up to the sky,

Lovers, they may cause you tears

Go ahead, release your fears.

Stand up and be counted.

Don’t be ‘shamed to cry.

You gotta be.”

And then my second-favorite lyrics:  

“Remember, listen as your day unfolds.

Challenge what the future holds.

Try and keep your head up to the sky,

Lovers, they may cause you tears

Go ahead, release your fears.”

This song paints a picture of strength and, without a doubt for me, has been forever moving and necessary encouragement, especially as I got older. I’d officially crawled into adulthood and the world of growth, trauma, misunderstanding, achievement and feeling at peace all represented with this song. On my hard and unbearable days, as an individual who deals with anxiety and a pinch of depression, this song helps more than one will ever know. 

Overall, this song will always be precious and necessary to me, especially on those nights of uncertainty and insomnia.

It will always be optimistic and grows with a melody filled with affirmative forces and motivation. Most importantly, self-esteem is in every beat, melody, and adlib that this classic song provides. 

“You Gotta Be” holds immediate relaxation and peaceful space and allows you to be rightfully brave. Most importantly, it gives me a childhood memory that I only remember in pieces. Without pictures, reminders, and music, my childhood is a blur. But it was never dull and was always comforting for the love of music. 

Imagine that.  

Feature Image by Soundtrap on Unsplash


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