8 Things You Should Never Do Impulsively

Impulsivity is defined by the tendency of making decisions on a whim with very little forethought or consideration of the consequences. In some cases, creativity springs from quick decision making. And there is nothing more exciting than a spontaneous adventure. Although not always a bad thing, some decisions shouldn’t be rushed.

Here are eight things you shouldn’t do impulsively.

1. Choosing a Good Book to Read

When standing in a library or a bookstore, the thousands of books on the shelves can be overwhelming if not a little intimidating. It’s easy to grab the first book you see with an aesthetically pleasing cover. Or stay within the safety net of previous choices. But it’s important to choose a book that genuinely excites you when you flip through the first few pages. Take the time to get to know a book by reading the synopsis. Or get familiar with the characters and the author’s writing style. If you rush this process, you’ll end up choosing books you may not enjoy and therefore, discourage you from reading.

2. Choosing a Career Path

This one may be a little obvious, but it’s worth adding to the list. A choice in study or profession is rarely set in stone, but with student costs sky high it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re getting value out of your studies. Take the time to explore what you’ll learn and expect within a study. Watch YouTube videos of students explaining their personal experiences and thoughts. Explore who you are as a person. And if that future profession will build you up, or knock you down.

3. Adopting an Animal

For many people, animals can provide a sense of relief and comfort. But we often forget that animals require a level of commitment, the same as adopting a child. Bringing any animal into your home should never be an impulsive decision. Taking the time to evaluate the place from which you adopt the animal from is just as important as choosing the right animal for you and your family.

4. Oversharing Personal Thoughts and Aspirations

It’s easy to impulsively overshare in a moment of weakness, trust or excitement. But there is so much value to be had in keeping your secrets, dreams and, aspirations within, holding those wonderful and personal things until it’s the right moment to share them. Doing this for yourself is a form of self-care and respect, and that is more important than how you feel now.

5. Committing To a Relationship

In the modern world of social media and online dating, the actual concept of dating has evolved into something completely different. The act of dating is to determine if two people are compatible, it’s meant to be taken slowly. Rushing into commitment can easily set up a relationship for failure. Take the time to enjoy learning about each other!

6. Changing your Eating Habits

Often times diet fads are inspired by a quick scroll on Pinterest. Or a friend announcing on their Facebook feed that they are trying a new diet. It’s always a good thing to push yourself to eat healthier and to be conscious of your eating choices. Choosing to start a diet should be something you plan, not decide overnight. If you expect a radical change within the first day, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Plan for a week or so, empty your house of foods to avoid and stock up on healthier substitutes. Slowly adjust your schedules and eating plans, and you’ll start off right!

7. Moving Out for The First Time

Leaving the nest is an exciting change. A world of opportunity opens and you’re suddenly independent. However, moving out impulsively without a forethought of financial or emotional state can be a recipe for disaster. Suddenly you’re burdened with signing a lease, calling insurance agencies and making three meals a day. It’s important to plan, taking the time to choose the right humble abode. View all options, consider all aspects and don’t rush the experience.

8. Cutting Your Hair

Some people believe that impulsively changing up your hairstyle is a good thing; a fun new change. But speaking from personal experience, deciding to chop off your hair on a whim is one of the worst things you can do impulsively. Some hairstyles are only compatible with certain hair types. Choosing a style best suited to your hair’s characteristics will help you to love it all the more.

Occasionally, spontaneity and impulsivity can enrich a person’s life. But the examples on this list and many others should not be rushed, helping you make better decisions and overall, live a happier life.

Photo by Daniel Apodaca on Unsplash


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