5 Easy Side Hustles To Start Making More Money

Have some extra time on your hands and want to earn more cash without working another 10 to 20 hours each week? You don’t have to! The internet makes it easier than ever to find side hustles that will put extra cash in your pocket each month. Here are a few of best side hustles to earn money on your own time:

1. Take online surveys.

Do you have a few minutes of downtime each day? Consider using that time to make some extra money by completing paid online surveys.

A number of reputable companies offer money to participants who are willing to fill out surveys. These surveys differ in length and pay, so the more surveys you can complete each day, the more money you’ll make. 

Many of these companies give survey “points” that you can  for cash, gift cards, or prizes. Members typically earn the equivalent of one to five dollars per day, but some surveys offer anywhere from $50 to $250 per survey. 

2. Become a freelance writer.

Do you love writing in your free time? Then why not get paid to use your way with words? Freelance writing can involve writing blog posts, email newsletters, landing pages, website copy, whitepapers, eBooks, or social media content. 

You can either look to work for a specific company that hires freelancers or get involved with a marketing agency or online freelance platform that works with dozens of clients. Check Indeed or ZipRecruiter for job openings at specific companies. You can also join a platform like ClearVoice, Contently, or Verblio to start finding clients.

3. Earn cash when you shop online.

Did you know you can earn cash back when shopping online? Sounds wild, right? Apps like Honey, Ibotta, Rakuten, and MyPoints allow you to earn cash back when you shop with their browser extensions or apps. Not only will these apps keep track of your earnings, but they will also search coupon codes or competitor pricing to ensure that you get the best prices on your items.

4. Design graphics.

Love creating infographics, advertisements, social media images, or website designs? If you’re a graphic design pro, you can offer companies your freelance graphic design services. Check out job boards like DesignCrowd, Upwork, and Dribble, for graphic design project opportunities. The key to earning money as a freelance graphic designer is to maintain an impressive portfolio, so update yours with your best work today!

5. Teach an online course.

Are you a natural-born teacher? Do you consider yourself an expert on a certain topic? Then why not teach an online course? Online education platforms, like Teachable, Udemy, and Skillshare, allow you to become a teacher on the topics you choose. Courses typically consist of pre-recorded videos and downloadable presentations or documents. Once you put in the initial work to create and record a course, you’ll continue earning passive income each time someone “attends” your class.

Earning some extra income in your downtime doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful. No matter what type of side hustle you pick, make sure it piques your interest and fills your wallet too. What’s better than getting paid to do what you love?

Featured Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash.


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