10 Struggles People Who Feel Too Much Face Everyday

Sometimes it’s hard to be too sensitive. If you’re anything like me, you know how it feels when your emotions are bursting inside your head, leaving you unable to hold yourself together any longer. Feeling something is amazing, but feeling too much is somehow the same as torture and I’m not sure whether it’s a gift or a flaw that needs to be fixed. In my opinion, feeling too much simply means being too vulnerable. When even small things can either destroy you, or make you fly high above the sky. So, here are some daily struggles that we, as over-emotional people, confront each day:

  1. We’re always afraid to say something in case we offend someone

Somehow, we know immediately when we offend someone, and we’ll try our best to lower our voice,  and choose the most polite words we can just to keep the other person’s mood on the right track, because we know what it’s like to be hurt by words.

  1. When every failure feels like the end of the world.

Every embarrassing moment and mistake is equivalent to letting down all of man-kind. We feel defeated and we just want to hide away forever. We feel useless and the extreme emotion becomes too much to handle.

  1. We often love too intensely.

Being over-emotional means being a little  intense. When we love someone, we tend to care too much, and risk the other person not feeling the same way… Their actions evoke extreme excitement or extreme disappointment.  We hold on to every “hello” and fall in love at first sight, and every time we love we risk losing ourselves to heartbreak.

  1. When we know (or realize) that someone might not like us.

All we want is to be liked. But when we find out that someone doesn’t like us, we take it personally. People can tell us “you can’t please everyone” but we will die trying. We will feel like we’re not enough for them, and we’ll have trouble forming relationships in the future. Somehow, it is hard for us to realize that actually it’s impossible to please everyone.

  1. We take everything too personally, even a silly joke.

When someone cracks a joke about us, we’ll laugh at first. But moments later, somehow we will think for a second “Am I really like that?” and we almost always take it to heart. We don’t want you to walk on eggshells around us, but… you kinda have to.

  1. When we hurt someone’s feelings, it’s like we hurt our own.

We will apologize until the word loses meaning, and won’t believe them when they tell us it’s okay. Regardless, we will feel guilty for the rest of the day. We can’t ignore people’s disapproval.  

  1. When we want to cry over something, but we can’t because we don’t want to look vulnerable.

There are moments when something completely breaks us down, but we can’t show it because we don’t want to look too fragile. Then, we will pretend that we are strong enough while our hearts are shattered inside. We hold in the tears until we’re alone in our beds or our showers and cry until we feel better.

  1. When we know that we have to keep our heart open after someone broke our trust.

The aftermath of someone betraying us is so overwhelming that it’s hard for us to trust and start all over again. Once we love, we love deeply; and once we’ve been broken, we are hard to fix. We know that we have to keep our heart open to trust people, but once we feel the pain of betrayal, we tend to shut people down.

  1. Other people’s vibes affect us greatly.

We can easily read the sign of other people’s vibes; negative vibes easily affect our moods Having constant mood swings is exhausting and no way to live, so we must work extra hard to have an optimistic outlook.

  1. When we are tired of feeling too much.

There comes a time when all we want is to not feel a thing because we are tired of dealing with it. We are the people who are affected by even the smallest amount of stimuli. We yearn to be like others who are capable of not taking things too personally or seriously because feeling things so intensely is exhausting.

There are still a lot of struggles people who feel too much confront each day. Sometimes it’s tiring, but somehow I feel that it’s a blessing that God gave to us. Feeling too much makes us love people more because we don’t want the other person to feel sadness, disappointment, or a broken heart. It makes us know better how to treat and take care of other people. There’s no point in refusing feeling and emotion when in the end, one of the main goals as a human being in this world is to love and be loved.

Featured image via Luis Fernandes on Pexels


  1. Wow! You totally described me in ten, succinct points.
    Here I was, thinking I was the only one in the world who felt this way, like everyone else gets to be sociable, make friends easily, get invited to birthday parties and I’m not, they are not afraid of making mistakes, or failing, they don’t lie awake all night thinking of how they made a mess of their presentation. They just move on so easily and I do not.
    And then, everyone keeps telling you to lighten up, not to be too serious, and it makes you feel even more like an alien because you don’t know why you are that way, and even if you wanted to change, you don’t know what to be or how to be that.


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