38 Reassuring Reminders That Every Single Girl Needs To Hear

There are times  where women feel alone and defeated, what we seek s reassurance that whatever we’re going through is temporary. Looking for the silver lining of the cloud above us. And we must be reminded that this too shall pass. Whether you or your best friend are struggling with being newly single, are in a pit of doubt, or are in a lengthy period of feeling unlovable, don’t fret. We all need reminders that we too deserve love. It’s only human!

If you find yourself in a single slump or are struggling to get through to a heartbroken friend after a breakup, here are 38 things to tell yourself or them.

  1. All of the pain you’re going through will be worth it one day.

2. You may not have had a fairy tale ending, but I know your heart is bursting with love, and that love is dying to be shared to someone who deserves it. 

3. Don’t lower your standards. There will be someone out there who can reach them.

4. You are strong enough to battle whatever you are given.

5. Don’t assume love is a lifetime away — you could find your dream partner tomorrow.

6. Christina Aguilera is right: You are beautiful.

7. Don’t give up on hope, you will find your Prince Charming when the time is right.

8. You have parents, siblings, friends, and a pet that love you. What more do you need?

9. Every single one of your exes have helped shape you into the person you are now, and that’s the person your soulmate is going to fall in love with. 

10. Don’t lose yourself looking for someone else.

11. It’s better to be single and whole than to be in a relationship that shatters you into a million pieces.

12. Who needs a man when you have friends who love you endlessly — and wine?

13. Some of the most beautiful and successful women in the world are still single. Build your own success first before you look to share it.

14. You are not destined to die alone. 

15. That piece of crap who doesn’t answer your texts isn’t worth your time. 

16. There are so many ways to be spending your time instead of chasing or looking for a man.

17. Your vibrator can do a better job than a man can. Never forget that.

18. You can be unconditionally happy without having a hand to hold.

19. Always trust the timing of your life. Everything happens for a reason.

20. Your pet is a better cuddle buddy than any human out there (aside from your celebrity crush).

21. You attract more people than you realize.

22. Don’t sleep with someone and hope they’ll want to become your boyfriend. This definitely will backfire and do the opposite.

23. Finding a boyfriend won’t solve all of your problems.

24. Some people even find Emma Watson and Rihanna unattractive. It’s not a matter of “hot or not” — some people just have different preferences.

25. Pretending that you don’t have a heart will only hurt you more than it will help you.

26. You deserve for the right people to love you.

27. Flirting will come easily when you find a guy with the right chemistry again.

28. You shouldn’t have to convince yourself to love someone just because you’re tired of being single.

29. It’s important to love yourself before you love someone else.

30. Relationships can have more downsides than the single life does.

31. You should be as proud of your career and your lifestyle than you would be of a boyfriend.

32. If he messes with your mind, don’t let him into your kind heart. You don’t deserve that.

33. You’re not as alone as you feel like you are. You have a support circle who will die for you.

34. A mirror doesn’t determine your worth. Moreover, neither does a man.

35. The single life comes with plenty of perks. Enjoy them for a bit.

36. Jay Z cheated on Beyonce. That’s proof that men are shit, even with a queen before them.

37. You are intelligent, you are kind, and you are thoughtful. Who wouldn’t want you?

38. Trust the timing of why things happen when they do. 

Call these reminders or affirmations, or whatever makes sense to you. Regardless, they truly provide guidance, reassurance, and a laugh in difficult times. Re-read these if you find yourself in a lonely pit of darkness on a Saturday night, or send them to your girlfriend who is going through some hard times because of her relationship status. Messages like these will never go unnoticed or unappreciated. 

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