5 Side Hustles That You Can Start During The Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm last year. While many workplaces transformed into remote employers, millions of Americans ended up without a job altogether. If you are one of the countless women who are looking for a way to still make money during the pandemic, check out these five options that anyone can do.

1. Become a virtual assistant.

If you can easily communicate with new people and you have amazing organizational skills, then you should consider a virtual assistant role. Although you may need to adjust your current sleep schedule and brush up on your typing skills, these small changes will pay off in the long-term. In fact, a virtual assistant role could very well turn into your career. 

2. Sell your old clothes.

Do you have tons of old clothes just lying around or hanging in your closet? It’s about time to make some space and get rid of the old clothes. Tons of people use their social media networks to sell things like second-hand clothes, and sustainability is all the rage these days. With the right approach, you can literally turn your “trash” into someone else’s treasure while you earn some extra cash. 

3. Try your hand at online gambling.

Although many people are playing mobile games during quarantine to simply pass the time, online casinos are actually helping unemployed people earn a steady paycheck. In fact, online casinos offer a great selection of different games and amazing bonuses to all gambling fans. Some even offer a 200% deposit bonus, which means you can play for a longer period of time without investing your entire savings. Even if you don’t “win big” with online gambling, it’s a great way to have fun on a Friday night!

4. Take amazing photographs (and sell them).

Thanks to your smartphone, taking quality pictures has never been easier! You just need a good eye and the right scene to make the magic happen. Once you’ve taken several great photos, you can sell your photography on Etsy or check out websites like Shutterstock and iStock. You never know what that picture of your beloved cat could make online.

5. Complete online surveys.

If you like BuzzFeed quizzes, then you may enjoy taking online surveys too. Many companies are looking for people who are willing to complete surveys, and they are even willing to pay for your time. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions — it’s that simple! Not all sites pay the same amount, though, so do your research beforehand to maximize your payouts.. 

Although we’re all sick of this never-ending pandemic, your time at home can actually help you earn some serious cash. These five suggestions aren’t the only ways to make money at home, but they are some of the easiest ones to jump into. And who knows, you may even discover a new hobby or a rewarding career from one of these money-making pursuits!

Leslie Alexander is one of the most appreciated writers as well as the Content Lead of the Gamblizard team. Her love for writing and passion for online games led Leslie to become a daily-blog writer of the iGaming industry. In her spare time, she likes to play poker with friends or slots when thinking about her next article.

Featured Photo by BBH Singapore on Unsplash.


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