7 Tips For Anyone Who Hates The Morning

Waking up to the dreaded alarm clock is the worst; especially for someone who isn’t a morning person. The mere thought of dragging yourself up makes you hit the snooze button about 3 times in row anticipating the very last second before you’re late.

Part of mastering adulting is learning how to wake-up on time and get your day started efficiently. Here are the best ways to make your morning routine smoother:

Pack your bag the night before.

Your parents have told you this a million times as a kid but it’s a helpful habit to have. I can’t count how many times I left my keys or headphones at home because I assumed they were in my bookbag but they were really in my other purse. Packing your must-haves the night before avoids the hassle of forgetting things, and taking up extra time in the morning.

Think about what you want to eat for breakfast the night before.

It’s easy to let time slip away by staring into the fridge trying to figure out what to eat. Meal-prep a stack of pancakes that you can easily microwave, top with fruit and syrup instead of a boring slice of bread and butter. Brewing your coffee the night before isn’t a bad either especially if you’re an ice coffee lover. You will waste less time trying to figure out what to eat. This will avoid the dreaded stomach growling that’s bound to annoy you until lunchtime.

Ditch the blaring alarm ring tone for a softer one.

If you’re a light sleeper set the alarm to vibration or to your favorite melodic song. Whether it’s a song off Daniel Caesar’s new soul album or a Sabrina Claudio song, you will most likely wake up singing as opposed to trying to turn off that annoying preset bell alarm.

Give yourself time to get ready.

This is for all the chronically late people. Nothing is worse than being so behind that you don’t have time to brush your hair or even get something good to eat. Before you know you walked out the door with chapped lips and not a single pen to take notes in class. Don’t set your alarm an hour before you have to leave if you know it takes you two hours to get ready.

Turn on the news or mood music.

You can listen for the weather and traffic/public transit delays that may catch you by surprise on your commute. Not a news buff? Switch to your favorite music channel that plays videos non-stop. Music has a way of changing your mood for the better.

Plan your commute ahead.

Whether you’re driving or commuting by public transportation, it’s important to stay ahead of unforeseen delays. Staying updated on commute delays will save you the headache of sitting on stalled trains, re-routing buses, and car accidents. Download your local transit/news app for daily updates.

Check the weather in the morning.

Have you ever stepped out of the house only to realize the sky looks like it’s about to start pouring rain? Then you have to find your keys to get back in the house, find an umbrella that isn’t busted and waste, and 10 extra minutes you don’t have. Checking the weather app in the morning gives you the most updated weather news. It’s also best to have an umbrella by your door that you can grab in case of any gloomy weather. This avoids a ruined hairstyle that probably took you thirty minutes to do

Being a better morning person isn’t about having a smile plastered on your face. It’s about being awake, energized and focused. When you are awake energized and focused it is guaranteed to boost your overall mood. It all starts with preparation. Making these small changes to your morning routine makes getting ready a less painful process for you. The future you will thank you.

Featured image via Bruce Mars on Unsplash


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