A 5-Step Guide To Choosing The Right Image For Your Brand

People are very visual. We relate more when presented with an image representing whatever information we are trying to digest. That is why choosing the right imagery for your brand is important. 

When potential customers see the logo of an apple with a bite taken out, they immediately identify it with Apple. The same goes for all famous businesses, from McDonald’s double arches to Nike’s checkmark. So, as you can see, your customers will take one look at your brand imagery and immediately relate it to you. 

Brand imagery is not just related to your brand logo. It’s also the collection of images in various mediums that represent your image. Imagery is how you present your brand to your customers so that they can relate to your content better. It’s your brand imagery that will stir up different sentiments in your audience that will either draw them in or push them away. On the other hand, your brand image is how your audience perceives your business. Do they deem your brand trustworthy? Do they think you are professional? 

Here are some tried and true tips to help you figure out how to choose the right image for your brand.

1. Clearly identify your brand identity

How do you want your customers to see you? Your brand identity is the visible part of your business: the images you use, the color scheme, and your brand’s logo. Brand identity is what sticks in your customers’ minds. Certain types of images with familiar color schemes will make people recall their favorite brands.

Your brand identity is what will dictate how everything will proceed. It will even dictate how you market your image as the right one can set your visual marketing. Effective visual marketing will allow you to connect with your audience and lead your business to become one of their preferred brands.

2. Know your customers

You need a clear picture of your customer base. To do that, ask yourself these questions: What images and photographs will attract their attention and evoke emotion? What message will resonate with them? As a business, how can you encourage them to transact with you? And how can you align it to your brand?

3. Keep your brand identity in mind

Now that you have identified your brand identity, it’s time to align your image and imagery with it. To do that, test the pictures and logos out on a small test group to see if they are both arresting and aligned with your brand’s overall identity. Your images need to tell your story in the way you want it told. So choose a photo that will work best for your small business website to attract prospective clients. 

4. Use the right colors

There is a psychology to colors as well as the images and feelings we associate with them. For example, brown makes us think of the earth and rugged terrain. Certain hues of blue may remind us of water or the ocean, deep and calm. 

You may find that some car brands use a specific color for their brochures or posters that match the kind of cars they sell. Even restaurants use photos with certain colors to enhance their customer’s dining experience as photos can spice up the sense of taste with vibrant color and proper focus.

5. Use the right photos

When choosing photos to use for marketing, pick the ones that can evoke the kind of emotions you want from your customers. Emotional connection is a sure-fire way to establish the beginning of a relationship with your customers. So let your photos tell a relatable story for your customers. 

What’s more, adding some space for staff photos can humanize your brand. It shows that you are more than a business behind their computer screens. Your staff represents your brand as well, so adding their photos can help retain its identity.

The photos that you choose need to align with your brand image. The colors, the logo, and the overall design need to mesh to create an image that captures attention and immediately creates brand recall. To do that, avoid clichés and overused scenes for your images, and use pictures that stir emotions and tell a story instead.

As you can see, there are many ways you can create a great brand identity. Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


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