Why Men Are The Reason That Hot And Slutty Have The Same Definition

It’s Sunday night, you’re just now getting over your hangover and wasting time on Facebook scrolling through your News Feed looking at all the pictures from the weekend. You see a picture with 127 likes and an assortment of comments from various girls saying things like: ‘gorg!’ and ‘hello boobies!’ and guys saying things like, ‘damn’ and ‘holy shit ur hot’ …and whatever other charming things they can come up with.

And while every Sunday night it’s a different girl from a different bar, it’s always the same type of girl posting the same type of picture-a very attention seeking girl starring in her own attention seeking photo.

Allow me to illustrate:

She’s got her hand on her hip, cleverly placed in the section that will make her waist look Barbie-thin. She’s accompanied by her two ‘bests’ on each side (the same two girls whom she’ll talk shit about the second one of them walks away to apply more glitter infused bronzer.) At least one of these girls is making a duck face while the other is complaining that her arm looks fat in one of the photos.

Attire goes as follows:

Big teased hair, curled at the end, too much hairspray. Hair is either way too dark or way too blonde. She’s got enough foundation on to make a ‘before’ Proactive picture look like an ‘after’. She’s got eyeliner that demonstrates the ‘trying and failing at the Lauren Conrad cat-eye” look and let’s not forget, my personal favorite feature: the pursed lips that scream, ‘give me the attention that my father clearly doesn’t.”

Now, moving down to her aggressively smooshed together cleavage that has GOT to be cutting off her circulation followed by a short cut dress from Forever 21 in efforts to show off her Jergens self-tanner saturated legs, all standing on the foundation of an 18 dollar pair of neon pumps from Charlotte Russe.

Let’s not hate too much on this girl because to her defense, she’s getting exactly what she’s asking for-attention. Hundreds of likes will go a long way for this girls self-esteem. It’s not her that I have a problem with, it’s the error of THAT, being recognized as ‘hot’.

In the mind of guys, it’s hot because men are visual creatures.

Well, I’m a logical creature and it’s not hot, it’s trashy and slutty.

I would love to sit down with those hundreds of people who were attracted to this picture and deemed it as a tolerable way to exploit attention and deliver them some facts.

Do you know how long it took her to get ready? It took her over two hours to get ready. She wasn’t trying that hard to look good to get attention going out, she was trying that hard to get attention from that picture. Congratulations, sister; it worked. 127 times.

Also, that is literally the very best she can look. Most girls when trying to look their best (I do it too) use so many enhancements. I mean, the makeup is really just the beginning. There’s hair extensions, fake eyelashes, cutlets to push up your boobs, the list goes on and on. Strip away all of that fakeness and the 5 different Instagram filters and you’ll probably get a completely different looking person. (Kind of like how Kim Kardashian used to look, you know, like…before she had money.)

It’s truly disturbing that those photos are being recognized as hot, and it doesn’t even make sense. The irony rests in how guys are always blabbing about how they want a ‘natural’ girl yet they drool over the slutty girls posting those pictures. Would you mother approve of that girl, boys? I don’t think so.

What’s even more ironic is that the girl who is posting these photos is the same girl who is tweeting about how much respect she ‘DESERVES’ from a guy and how she wants a true gentleman and complains about being single over the holidays…and to this girl, I say, try a cardigan next time.

Once again, making the world a better place:



Featured image by Wayne Roe on Flickr


  1. I don’t care about what my mom or anyone else for that matters approves of, its my life not theirs. I like slutty girls because they are fun rather than being uptight and judgmental.

  2. Oh god, finally someone has documented my thoughts on the “hot” girls and Instagram attention whores. I frequently wonder how much men intelligently understand these images are fake and doctored, but they consciously block that intelligence and drool for a minute. I think one feeds the other, stupid shallow behavior on both sides. She obtained a f-ing “LIKE” or “Ur hot” and now she feels validated. He’s got some instant gratification. He probably follows at least a dozen “hot” girls, the ones who are perpetually at the club, beach or gym. Any public setting where minimal clothing is required. My best guy friend gets off on that Insta-sh*t and I know he’s intelligent, so it’s kind of disappointing.

  3. Hmm…while this can open up dialogue about beauty and self-esteem and the need for attention, your way of talking about it is rather unkind.
    Calling other women “slutty” is not nice. As the other person stated above, some of the women that you call slutty are actually sweet if you give them a chance and don’t judge them based only on looks. I know somebody who would fit the “slutty” definition by her appearance, yet she is a caring person who helps to feed the homeless when she can (she is a veterinarian also). When you spend all your time judging the outside, you miss what might be inside. Maybe the problem is that you feel insecure when you see others getting more attention? I used to feel that way too, until I changed my outlook. I learned to appreciate the beauty of others without feeling threatened. I wish more women could do the same.

    On the other hand, I agree that Instagram and Facebook have made people even more shallow, so that might make girls feel like they have to look a certain way to have “likes” and “followers”. That is definitely a problem in today’s society, so you’re right about that. But instead of judging girls for their insecurities, try being more understanding about it.
    If a girl sees her friend being complimented while everyone ignores her, that hurts. So naturally she will do what she can with hopes that people will notice her too, and that they will call her pretty. Maybe it’s not the “right” way to get attention but I understand why they do it.

  4. I feel like this article could be very controversial because a lot of people (including myself) love to get dolled up for a night out. Sometimes the makeup and dresses are for yourself and not for attention, you just want to feel hot yourself and have a good time out. I can agree that a lot of people cross a line where they actually look fake, but I feel like this person went a little to far. It’s like they were saying that girls can’t have a little fun with makeup, self tanner, etc. Just let people do what they want!


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