6 Travelling Tips You Should Definitely Know

When travelling, it’s always important to be responsible and to ensure that everyone travelling with you is safe at all times. Moreover, when you’re traveling overseas (especially to a country that speaks a different language or has a different culture), you don’t know what might happen so it’s best to be prepared for every scenario. 

These travel tips helped me through some sticky situations during my travels over the years. So I would highly suggest implementing them in your travel routine. 

1. Always have copies of everyone’s passports on you at all times. 

In the event that someone gets lost or even if a bag gets misplaced, always have a photocopy of your travel partner’s passport, just in case. This could also be helpful if something happens to their actual passport as well. Just keep a copy in your suitcase or with your other travel documents. 

2. Wear sensible shoes while travelling.

They may not look good with your Instagrammable outfit, but who cares? There is nothing worse than blisters, swollen feet, or shoes that fall apart and prevent you from exploring your surroundings. Be smart and take the plunge – it’s worth ruining your ensemble in the long run. Comfortable shoes are a must-have in your travel bag, and you can even wear them at the airport to help save room in your bag!

3. Ask the locals for recommendations. 

In not so tourist-filled cities and towns, ask locals for recommendations and opinions. Especially if you’re looking for things to do or places to eat. They’ll likely recommend great excursions that aren’t always online and restaurants that won’t break your budget. Moreover, this is a great way to figure out where the great local cuisine is! 

4. Learn some phrases in the local language. 

In the event that you find yourself in a pickle and the person you need to speak to doesn’t speak English, learn a few basic phrases in their native language. This will help you get by. Simple things like “hello,” “do you speak English?”, “can I use the washroom?”, and “how much?” are great ones to learn as you’ll probably use them the most. 

5. Keep a small bag on you that’s close to your body as much as possible. 

Pickpocketing is a huge concern for all travelers, especially because you don’t know the crime rates in every area. Fanny packs and small cross-body purses are great options to use while traveling. I would recommend Hedgren’s bags as they have tons of unique hiding spaces, fashionable designs and lightweight products that are effective. 

6. Always keep spare change in your pocket in the event you need to pay to use the washroom while travelling.

In a lot of countries, you actually have to pay to use public washrooms, such as at the stores or restaurants. Unless you buy something from that exact location, they won’t let you use their facilities for free and will often charge you a minimal fee to use it. Or like what happened to me in Cuba, they’ll charge you to use their toilet paper. 

Travelling isn’t a piece of cake like our Instagram feeds portray. A lot of planning goes into making these trips enjoyable and affordable so we often forget some of the finer details that make a huge difference. Hence, adding these tips to your checklist is bound to make preparation easier. Hopefully, they’ll help you while you’re there and in need of a little help. There’s no harm in being over-prepared!

Photo by Maximilien T’Scharner on Unsplash


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