11 Ways To Have Great Sex In The Brutal Summer Heat

Let’s be honest: Having sex in the summer isn’t that glamorous. When your skin is hot and sticky, there is nothing worse than having another hot and sticky person and their hot breath on your body. But, we still get urges to get intimate.

Here are eleven creative ways to still have hot sex in the summer.

1. Suck on an ice cube to get your tongue cold. Then, perform oral sex. 

The cold sensation feels fantastic on almost any body part (we dedicated an entire to how good ice feels in the bedroom). It’ll also keep you cool. 

2. Have sex with the windows open. 

The cool breeze will make it bearable for you actually to have sex. Moreover, the thought of trying not to be loud so for your neighbors to hear you will enhance the pleasure. 

3. Rent a hotel for the night.

If the weather has been brutal, a fun little hack is to pretend you’re on vacation. By going to a hotel with plenty of AC, you naturally feel like you’re on vacation — even if you’re only down the street. Plus, we all know vacation sex is the best sex.

4. Sleep naked. 

While it may be common for you since it’s already hot inside, crank a fan and sleep naked. If you manage to get some cold air onto you, the feeling of someone’s skin may turn you on again. 

5. Have a cold shower together. 

Being in a cold shower together will obviously cool you down and enhance your skin’s sensitivity. It makes for excellent foreplay, especially if you want to rush to the bed still soaking wet. You know, because the cold air after a shower is constantly freezing.

6. Sneak off during a BBQ to have a quickie. 

Find an empty room, closet, bathroom, or car and get to it. It sounds a little more risque during COVID-19 times, but it’ll make for a great story and sex flashback one day.

7. Send a sexy snap of you in your bathing suit to throw them off guard. 

Swimwear resembles some lingerie styles, so your partner will love seeing how it hugs you in all the right ways. 

8. Have sex at the beach. 

While having sex in the ocean or lake is unsanitary and unsafe, wrap yourself up in a towel or hide in a sun canopy and do the deed during broad daylight. Just be careful about the sand getting into some tricky places!

9. Don’t wear underwear under your skirt or dress. 

That way, the air will get to you and freshen you up. If your partner notices or you tell them, it may entice them to initiate a quickie. This easy access is so attractive to most people!tips

10. Do it in your car. 

It sounds crazy, but hop in your car and drive to a lover’s lane but leave the car running when you get there. Have the AC blasting and have yourself some fun in the backseat, feeling like you’re having a teenage summer fling all over again. 

11. Use ice cream or popsicles. 

Obviously, you could lick it off your partner’s body or use the sucking of a popsicle to turn them on. But this delicious treat will definitely help keep you cool down. 

You don’t always have to go for the cliche ways of staying cool while having sex, including doing it in front of a fan. Instead, turn up the heat by using these creative tactics, and you’ll forget about how… dirty and sticky you feel. It’ll truly change the way you view steamy, hot summer sex. 

Featured Photo by dusan jovic on Unsplash


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