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15 Things Men Look For On A Dating App Profile

If you’re a person who is dating or who has dated in the not-so-distant past, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve used an online dating site (like Match or OKCupid) or dating apps (like Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge) to do it. If you want to stand out from the crowd, though, you need got to create a dating profile that will show men what an attractive woman you are, not send them running for the hills! Here are 14 tips for the perfect dating profile (from men themselves!)

1. Originality is key.

“If she actually put some effort to writing [her profile] and didn’t just use dumb, canned lines like, ‘fluent in sarcasm’ or ‘looking for my partner in crime’ or ‘Venmo me $5 and see what happens, [then I want to swipe].'”

2. Good pictures are just a start.

“Most guys swipe based on… pictures, but proceed post-match based on profiles. The match rate is really low for guys. But if your profile is a ghost town or train wreck it doesn’t really give us anything to start the conversation (and we’re expected to start the conversation, so give us something to work with!)”

3. Actually just fill out a profile. Period.

“Just complete your profile, and you’ll be ahead of 90% of people. If you use actual sentences and don’t use your profile to complain about guys, then you’re in the top 1%.”

4. Be specific and clear.

“‘I’m really down to earth!’ ‘I have a bubbly personality!’ I still don’t know what these are supposed to mean, but from experience, it’s usually said by someone who is not down to earth and not very exciting.”

5. Let your pictures speak for you.

“Don’t mention anything about your body in your bio. Let your pictures do the explaining [because] that’s what they’re there for. If there’s something you feel like is noteworthy (for better or worse) just [post] a picture [that shows it] and leave it at that.”

“If you have a really nice backside, I am 90% more likely to swipe right on… a picture [of your nice backside] than [on] someone who just says so in their bio.”

6. Ditch the Snapchat filters.

“On Tinder, ‘I’m a simple person who likes to laugh and spending time with people I love’ means, ‘I have no personality at all!’ Snapchat filters [say the same thing].”

7. Just be yourself.

“Just be genuine. The most off-putting thing [is] someone who’s desperately trying to prove something. Like lists of deal-breakers or listing faults and saying ‘deal with it,’ or awkward attempts at poetic language.”

“Just [give] a clear image of who you are, what you care about, [and] where you want to go in life, even if the answer is [that] you don’t know.”

8. Share your interests.

“The best way to avoid being seen as uninteresting is to show that you have interests. Be specific.”

9. But include fewer friends in your photos, please.

“Having your very first picture be a group picture of you and your friends [isn’t good]. It’s wonderful that you have friends [whom] you do things with, but if I see a group picture, I’m automatically going to assume that you’re the least attractive one [in it].

10. Keep your lists offline.

“Lists. Just don’t. Nothing makes me ignore a profile faster than a girl [who] starts listing off baseball-like stats [for] a guy [whom] she will deem worthy of time. It reeks of vanity.”

12. Sometimes less is more.

“Don’t overwrite. An underwritten profile doesn’t do much, of course, but… a massive block of text guarantees [that] I won’t read every word.”

13. Proofread!

“Use good grammar and punctuation. I know it’s not fair, but whenever I saw a poorly-written profile, I [thought], ‘She’s an idiot. Not worth my time.’ (I also think [that] guys who can’t write are idiots.)”

14. Use your own words.

“Don’t quote celebrities or writers or movies or anything like that. It’s lazy.”

15. Keep it positive.

“Stay away from the “no’s” in your profile… the ‘no jerks or players’ sort of thing. When a woman mentions negative [qualities], it shows her as someone who’s [pessimistic]. Also, don’t be rude. I know there is a… double standard with regards to this, [like] guys getting called out for being ‘demanding’ [when] it’s seen as OK for women who do it. Just try to present the best you that you can through pics and words.”

If you’re looking for a man to swipe right on you, go straight to the source when you’re making your dating profile! With these 15 tips from men, your dating profile will definitely get you matches!

Originally written by Rebecca Jane Stokes on YourTango.

Photo by Yogas Design on Unsplash



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