A Quick Guide For How To Take Care Of Your Vagina


Most of us have a daily routine for our faces to ensure that it remains moisturized and irritation-free, but did you know that the skin of your labia is more sensitive than the skin on your face? True story! So, what have you done lately to make your labia look good? Here we discuss the latest in intimate care, from natural to surgical, as well as the benefits and complementary procedures to really hit the spot.

Harvard Women’s Health Watch has comprehensively discussed basic care regimes for our intimate area, and we’ve highlighted the most important things to keep in mind when going about our daily routine. Itching ‘down there’ is a common problem amongst women which causes redness of the labial skin. Most of the time this discomfort is due to a few innocent mistakes we do that can be easily avoided.

Here’s a quick guide on how to take care of your labia:


Don’t use soap, bubble baths or perfumed wipes, as these contain harsh chemicals that can easily irritate and cause redness on the skin. 

Don’t wear nylon-rich underwear as it traps warm air and moisture which is a perfect breeding ground for yeast infections. It’s also non-absorbent, and therefore prolongs the time that sweat is in contact with the skin. As our skin needs to breathe, our vagina needs the same.


Do use luke-warm water and an unscented, non-alkaline cleanser as these are sufficient to clean your intimate area. 

Use your fingers instead of a washcloth as the abrasive nature of the material, particularly every day, is likely to irritate sensitive skin. 

Do wear pure cotton underwear as it is the most hygienic option due to the breathability and absorbency of the fabric. No underwear is best, and do try to go panty-less as often as possible.

Maintaining a healthy vagina is key to preventing irritations and infections “down there.”

Vaginal Rejuvenation 

Some women undergo procedures to keep their vaginal area younger and aesthetically better-looking.

The increasing demand for vaginal rejuvenation in various forms is astounding. Labiaplasty, for one, is especially popular and addresses the condition known as labia hypertrophy (labia elongation). If you are experiencing something similar to this, then this procedure may be an option for you. It functions to essentially ‘trim’ the labia, thereby improving the look and feel of the vaginal area. 

If you feel that your labia have a ‘deflated look’ and would like to improve the contour and overall look of your labia, then augmentation labiaplasty of the labia majora may be the right procedure for you. It’s as equally popular as labiaplasty but functions to improve the contour of the labia by improving the size and shape, correcting proportional imbalances, and improving firmness. This procedure uses the patient’s fat to achieve this ‘contoured’ appearance, colloquially termed the “Barbie look.”

Scientific studies have shown that these procedures come with the bonus of improving both sexual confidence and satisfaction by 82 %, and the best part about them is that they’re minimally invasive with a very short recovery time!


If your beauty regime includes the monthly waxing of your intimate area, then a vagacial may be a good option for you. This is essentially a facial for your vagina that works really well in dealing with the side effects of hair removal. It focuses on the bikini line and outer labia to gently treat ingrown hairs, remove dead skin cells, smooth bumps around the bikini line, and prevents acne. It can also help to minimize hyperpigmentation of the labia to promote and maintain healthy and hydrated skin. Perfect for the upcoming summer, right?

Vagina bleaching

Hyperpigmentation of the labia is extremely common and is a concern for most of us. If you have concerns about hyperpigmentation, then vaginal bleaching is a procedure to look into. Lightening of the outer area of your vagina to remove the hyperpigmentation is popular in the middle east and Europe but is catching traction in the US. This procedure is usually performed by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, or gynecologists, but keep in mind that results are not long-term. Once you stop doing it, your vagina is returning to its beautiful, natural self.

The era of vaginal rejuvenation and care is in full swing and boosting the overall confidence and sexual desire of women everywhere. Improving the look of your labia has never been so easy! With the help of cutting-edge technology and multiple options available, personalized solutions are at your fingertips. Whether you choose the surgical route or prefer less-invasive options, there’s something out there for you!

Feature Image by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels 


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