6 Reasons Grandparents Make The World A Better Place

There are lots of things in life to be grateful for, and many things that have shaped us. However, personally, my grandparents top both of those lists. Put simply, I am, because they are, and have been.

Here are 6 reasons why grandparents are our guardian angels, our rocks, and our best friends:

1. They are the most patient teachers

Without a doubt, grandparents teach us some of the most important lessons in life, and in the kindest of ways. They guide us in a practical sense and spend lots of time with us. For me, that ranged from playing board games, to tending to plants, to teaching me to roller-skate – pushing, encouraging, and picking me back up. Most importantly, grandparents lead us by example, with patience, consistency, and kindness. And as you get older, you’re able to see the more subtle lessons they’ve taught you, such as the character development beyond the practical one. Their kind hearts, good manners, and respect that they demonstrate so wholly make such an impression on us.

2. They demonstrate a reliable, fool-proof approach to life

They watch the news, read often, wash knitwear properly, can keep plants alive, and have always stressed the importance of wearing slippers. They know and have always advocated for the necessity of following your heart and doing what makes you happy. More than that, you see it in the people they are, the memories they recall, and their hopes for your future. 

3. Thou can do no wrong in the eyes of a grandparent!

My grandparents are my heroes and my cheerleaders. At every single one of my big life events, I have been honored to have them either metaphorically or literally by my side. They were there the day I was born and when I met my newborn baby brother. They were there when I learned to walk, talk, count, read, spell… every birthday, each new pet, when we moved houses, they were never far away. Grandparents are a steady presence during our lives’ biggest moments.

4. We look up to them with the utmost admiration

Grandparents are the most selfless people, having given up vast amounts of their time to be “present” in as much of our lives as possible. They have been involved in countless charity projects and have lived lives that have very much counted. They have bettered and touched the lives of many. They are a real reminder that we do not live these lives on our own – friends, family, acquaintances, strangers are all part of it. A smile costs nothing, kindness comes in large as well as tiny acts. They are the most humble people, and we are lucky to call them ours. More than anything, I hope I’ve made my grandparents proud, because they make me proud every single day.

5. They’ve done a lot of living, so they have the best stories

They have travelled far and wide, and though age and ailments now complicate that, they still continue to amaze and inspire us with their stories. Travel has played a large part in their lives. From this, they’ve taught us 2 very important lessons: we should travel, and we should create stories. Traveling allows you to experience life and different cultures. The map is always there. Trust your instincts. Moreover, you should spend your life creating memories that’ll be stories to tell later on. Live a life that is exciting and varied. For when the practicalities become difficult, those stories will stay with you forever. 

6. They shape the person you become

When I wonder what I want from life, who I want to be, and what I want to do, my grandparents are at the very forefront of my mind. I hope I can live my days with the same degree of humble hope. I hope I can inspire, adore, and love wholeheartedly, passionately, and unconditionally. I hope I can believe in the power of small acts of kindness. I hope I never let the world make me bitter. I hope I can be present. 

And ultimately, if we can be half the person our grandparents have been (and continue to be), it will be an honor, a pleasure, and the ultimate achievement.

Photo by Dario Valenzuela on Unsplash


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