6 Hacks For Making Mask-Wearing More Convenient

There’s a lot of confusion regarding mask-wearing these days. Even though many places have abolished mandates for the vaccinated, various locations post vague guidelines that leave the medically vulnerable uncertain. The reality of breakthrough infections prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to amend their mask guidelines, recommending them in indoor settings with a substantial risk of transmission — like public transportation hubs. 

However, learning more about the virus doesn’t make donning a face-covering any more comfortable or easy to remember. Here are six hacks to make mask-wearing more convenient. 

1. Add a Flexible Nose Piece 

If you wear glasses, there’s no need to explain the frustration of trying to see through a foggy haze. After all, every time you breathe, you risk blurring your visual field. This issue makes, for example, watching a movie problematic. 

However, you can modify nearly any mask style to prevent uncomfortable lens fog. First, attach a piece of pipe cleaner to reinforce the area where the covering touches the bridge of your nose. Then, you can shape the top to prevent air from escaping and rendering you blind. 

2. Keep It on Your Keychain 

How many times have you had to walk back to your car before going into the grocery store because you forgot your mask? Since many people remove their coverings while driving, remembering to grab them before exiting the vehicle can be hard. 

Women already know more than their share of nifty keychain tricks, but now they can add another to their repertoire. Simply hang your mask from your chain, and you’ll always have one on hand. You can also use a carabiner to store it more efficiently. 

3. Invest in Cute Fashion 

Who said masks have to be boring? At the pandemic’s start, sewers everywhere competed to make the latest, splashiest creations. Although it’s a bit more challenging to find variety, you can use your face covering to make a fashion statement. 

Why not coordinate your mask with your outfit? For example, you can set off a cute leopard print jacket with a matching face covering. Alternatively, go for a matching pair of tiger stripe shades and bandanna. 

4. Make a Bold Statement 

You can also use your mask to speak up for causes about which you feel passionate. Are you concerned with the pressing reality of climate change? You can find face coverings that support various environmental charities and tell the world that you want a more sustainable future for yourself and your children. 

Are you angered about political issues like attacks on women’s rights? Are you doing your part to encourage vaccinations? You can make your opinions known without saying a word through your choice of facial coverings. 

5. Stash Them Everywhere 

Does it seem like you never have a mask when you need one? Learn sneaky places to stash a few spares so that you never run low. Good locations for your masks include: 

  • Your car’s center console 
  • Your purse
  • Your backpack or briefcase 
  • Your kitchen key hook
  • Your work desk drawer

You can also keep a box by your front door if you often get unexpected visitors. Many vaccinated individuals no longer cover their mouths and noses inside unless you request that they do so — and not all come prepared. 

6. Think about Comfort 

Overly thick, bulky masks can make it more challenging to breathe comfortably. On the other hand, paper versions can get scratchy after a while. Since you’re more likely to comply with mask-wearing if yours is as comfortable as possible, try choosing different ones. 

Medical researchers suggest using a blend of either cotton and chiffon or cotton and natural silk for maximum protection and comfort. Both materials effectively combat aerosol droplets. They also are lightweight and won’t leave you feeling stuffy and confined. 

It’s not time to give up facial coverings just yet, regardless of your vaccination status. So make mask-wearing more convenient with a few simple life hacks!

Featured image via Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash


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