To The Guy Who Helped Me Feel Confident In Myself

Thank you. This letter will never be addressed, but it’s definitely long overdue. Without touching me or ever feeling the curves of my body, you made me feel more beautiful than anyone ever will. I don’t know how you did it, but I’m so thankful that you did.

From nothing more than a summer of text messages, you already knew the real me. You listened. You responded honestly. But most importantly, you showed me how to live. No one has ever cared for me enough to crack my shell and get me out of my comfort zone. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that.

You sat by my side and poured over crossword puzzles, because you knew that I loved it. Then you grabbed my hand and dragged me into bars, because you knew it was what I needed. Every time that song comes on, it takes me back to carelessly spinning around the bar. It’s like we were the only people in the entire room, and I could be exactly who I wanted to be.

I needed that night. To remember that sometimes it doesn’t matter what has happened or what’s going to. Feeling that alive, even for just a moment, was something I had never experienced before. I now take it with me everywhere I go. You gave that to me without asking for anything in return.

You rescued me when I couldn’t rescue myself. I had no idea who I was or what was going to happen in life. You gave me the invisible armor that I needed to grow up and believe in myself.

Although we still talk from time to time, there’s so much that’s unspoken between us. I know I don’t have to explain, because you already understand without me saying a word. That’s a bond I’ve never had with anyone else and probably never will.

There’s a good possibility that you’ll never see these words written on this page. To be honest, you don’t need to. You saved me, and I love you for that more than you could ever know.

With all my heart,

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