Sister, Sister: To The Women Who Mean The World To Me

National Sibling Day falls on April 10th. However, we should celebrate it every day. Yes, that means even on the days when you dislike each other and are getting on each other’s nerves. For me, sisters are the toughest of the siblings to deal with. Sisters may bicker and fight, but they also have each other’s back no matter what. Whether you were born with one or not, we all have those types of women in our lives. Women who mean the world to us, and we’d do anything for. So even though today is National Sibling Day, I want to give a shout-out to all the soul sisters out there.

This is a love letter to my sister to show her how much I appreciate her:

Sister, thank you for always being there. You have consistently been dependable and reliable. If someone were to ask me what makes a good sister, I would think of all the characteristics you hold. You are a kind and compassionate person with a wise soul. You are the type of person who makes sure to stop and smell the roses and take in the moment. And you always inspire me to do the same.

You have been there for me through thick and thin. We’ve seen each other at our best and our worst and have still accepted each other for who we are. You’ve been supportive for as long as I have known you. Wherever you go, I go. When you ride, I ride. We ride together. You need an alibi? Baby girl, you were with me the whole time.

I’ll always be there to give you advice and wipe away your tears. As people come and go in our lives, we must remember that our relationship will stay consistent. We might go through periods when we speak to each other every day, and then times when we don’t talk enough. However, regardless of how much time has passed, we always pick up where we last left off. And nothing can break that.

To my birth sister: Thank you for putting up with all my quirks. 

You’ve comforted me through some rough patches. When I was a child, you dealt with my tantrums and allowed me to follow you around the house because I thought you were so cool. I looked up to you — you were and still are my role model. I am proud to have such a successful sister who makes me a better person. I have learned so much from you. And ultimately, you have helped shape me into the person I am today.

To my soul sister: Thank you for being my ride or die.

Even if we aren’t related by blood, I will always consider you my sister — someone who I want by my side for the rest of my life. Through thick and thin, I’ll be there for you. No matter how near or far you are, you will always be my sister. I love you.

Send this to all your sisters and show them how much they mean to you. They deserve it.

Featured Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash


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