9 Reasons Dating Was Way Better Back In The Day


I was born at the end of the twentieth century. Thanks to classic movies, though, I believe that dating used to be way better than it is today. If you’re skeptical about modern dating like I am, you’ll appreciate these 9 reasons that dating was even better back in the day. 

1. No one had distracting electronic devices. 

I can’t tell you how many stories I hear about bad dates where a date is glued to their phone. Goodbye to those moments where excitedly get ready then feel disappointed because your date is too busy texting – take us back to that time when there were no cell phones! 

2.  Drive-in theaters, diners, and picnics made for perfect dates. 

Drive-in movie theaters, diners, and parks made perfect date settings. What happened to those types of dates? Not many couples go on simple, fun dates anymore. We should bring these date nights back!   

3. Talking on the phone for hours is better than text-a-thons. 

Yes, texting is convenient for people who don’t like calling, but we can easily misunderstand the nonverbal cues and tone. And don’t get me started with people’s atrocious grammar. When you talk on the phone, however, you don’t necessarily expect a response, so you’ll never stress that your date won’t text you back.  

4. People dressed so much nicer for their dates. 

The suits, the dresses, and the fedoras are where it’s at! 60 years ago, people actually cared about how they dressed for their dates. 

5. Date conversations were more interesting. 

In old movies, couples actually talk and make eye contact. Even when the characters didn’t talk, they could read each other and had an unspoken connection. But nowadays, date conversations fall because people are so easily distracted. 

6. They sent real letters.  

Cute, sweet texts sound great, but if you want your relationship to be more meaningful, try  writing letters or postcards. The best part of receiving letters? They last forever. Texts, on the other hand, don’t last long because you’ll never have enough space on your phone to keep them.  

7. There was no catfishing. 

60 years ago, you were set up on a blind date but never had to worry about a creepy 55-year-old pretending to be an attractive 25-year-old model. Before technology, you already knew what your date looked like. Today, however, people feel incredibly insecure about their looks and some catfishers make lots of excuses to avoid meeting you at all.  

8. People knew their relationship status. 

I’m done counting how many different relationship statuses there are these days. There are so many beyond the classic “single,” “in a relationship,” “engaged,” and married. Sadly, though, relationship statuses like “friends with benefits,” “Tinder S.O.,” and “kind of my boyfriend” don’t mean much. Today, we have too much ambiguity in our relationships, back then, couples always knew what they “were.” 

9. Couples didn’t stress about social media. 

One of the reasons why I’m not a fan of today’s relationships is because people feel the need to broadcast their relationships to the universe. If you love someone, do you really need to share it with the high school math classmate you haven’t talked to in years? 

If I had to choose between dating today and dating at least 60 years ago, I would choose to date in the “olden days.” Dating now is so complicated, but I’d rather have timeless, classic dates, no social media, and lots of fun!

Feature Image by vjapratama from Pexels


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