4 Mindfulness Activities That Will Help Clear Your Mind


If you’ve ever felt anxious or overwhelmed, you’ve probably heard that mindfulness can help you. You might associate mindfulness with meditation, but the reality is that there are many other mindfulness activities you can try, including these four great options: 

Clean up your surroundings. 

It might seem simple, but taking some time to declutter and tidy your house can have a profound effect on how mindful you are. When you care about your living space, you also show that you care about yourself. So throw out anything that feels like clutter, and brighten up your space with some potted plants or artistic prints. You’ll feel much more mindful in a living area that feels calm.  

Use a bullet journal to plan your future.

When you’re uncertain about the future, your anxiety can affect other areas of your life. But one way to contain your anxiety is to plan, and keeping a Bullet Journal is a great way to do just that. If you struggle to plan ahead, a journal can be an excellent tool for mapping out ideas and time, which will ultimately help you feel more in control. 

Speak to a Tarot reader.

When you feel like you aren’t being mindful in life, speaking to a Tarot reader can bring a sense of calm. Getting a reading can empower you to make life decisions and help you reconnect with yourself. If you wonder where you can get a reading, remember that TheCircle hosts many Tarot readers online. They also offer other spirit guide services that can help you with mindfulness, like Mediumship and Clairvoyance. If you struggle to stay mindful, spirituality can help you find inner peace

Start exercising.

A lot of people stay still to clear their head, but often, the stillness can make your mind reel. The best way to clear your head and still practice mindfulness is to get moving. When life feels overwhelming, try some light exercise. Lace up your sneakers and listen to a podcast while you run for a little entertainment along the way. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress, so adding it to your routine can help you start off the day mindfully. 

Mindfulness is a great practice, but it isn’t just about meditation. It also involves paying attention to your surroundings and making conscious choices, so there are many ways to try it. When you add one of these simple mindfulness practices to your routine, you’ll feel much calmer and more satisfied with life. 

Featured Photo by Emma Dau on Unsplash.



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