8 Ways You Can Really Connect With Your New Significant Other

Couple On Bridge
Couple On Bridge

As a human being, you naturally strive to connect with other people. This is a natural behavior, and really helps you make friends or fall in love. Curiosity doesn’t have to kill the cat when you’re getting to know someone new. When the question game isn’t helping, try these eight activities:

1. Look At Their Handwriting

Take a peek into their head when you see how heavy-handed they may be, or how carefully they dot their i’s. Do they scribble like a doctor, or enunciate each letter on the page with their strokes? This may show how quickly or slowly they want to lead their lives and maybe how clear or scattered their head feels.

2. Read Their Favorite Book

When you get the chance to read their favorite story, search for pieces of them within the pages. Let them tell you why this book means so much. Maybe it’s simply what they needed back when they first read it, and that character was the friend they needed to help them become the person they are today. 

3. Listen To Their Music

Let their favorite tunes play and see what resonates with you. This connection may be more meaningful later on than you might think. We all know the five love languages, but sometimes music is a love language in and of itself. 

4. Go To Their Favorite Place

They might feel vulnerable taking you to their favorite place for the first time. Maybe a park is just a park to you, but let them show you anyway. Learn about their connection with this space and why it’s still their favorite. Maybe it’s a more similar reason to you and yours than you expect. 

5. Stay Up Till 2 a.m. And Let Them Spill Their Heart To You

Or if they’re a morning person, wake up at the crack of dawn and watch the sunrise and let them tell you why it’s the most special part of the day to them. You won’t have to switch up your sleep schedule to make this a regular thing, but you might learn a lot from them about their feelings you don’t normally see during the day.

6. Watch How Their Smile Forms

Does it start with their eyes or their chin? Is it little by little, or all at once? Does it glow? Everyone’s smile is different, and this will become a part of your heart deeper than you think when you first fall in love with someone new. 

7. Spend A Whole Day With Them Doing Nothing

Sometimes spending a day doing nothing with someone special is where you make the best memories with someone new. I remember on a day off with my new boyfriend, we wound up going to the grocery store together for the first time and we learned so much about each other.

8. Look Out For The Things They Subconsciously Do When They’re Happy

Maybe they dance when they have their favorite foods, or maybe they start using a smiley sing-song voice when they’re feeling happy. But this behavior is something you might grow to love, or even start doing yourself without realizing it.  

Hopefully these activities will help show you a side you didn’t know your new person had (for the better). When you get the chance to see how these activities help you make a new connection (or show you why you shouldn’t call them back), let us know!

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