30 Subtle Ways To Show Him That You’re Feeling Turned On

In any relationship, everything should be ‘give and take.’ And while it isn’t always one person’s responsibility to initiate bedroom activities, it often ends up that way. Furthermore, if you’re not usually the initiator, it’s nice to reciprocate the favor sometimes. This is especially true since women are traditionally less eager to show how badly they want sex, even though they really do. Moreover, it makes your partner feel good and wanted.

So here are some subtle, creative, and fun ways to turn your man on throughout the day and show him how horny you are for him:

  1. Sit on his lap in public, such as at a party or a bar.
  2. Move his hand to rest on your boob or between your legs when cuddling. 
  3. “Accidentally” graze your hand on his junk when you’re at dinner or out in public.
  4. Walk around the house in nothing but his oversized shirt.
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5. Leave your sex toys on the bed — if you have them.
6. Let him feel how wet you are.
7. Ask him to pick which pair of underwear he wants you to wear for the day. (Later on, follow up by sending him a picture of you wearing it.)
8. Tell him how sexy he is — in detail.
9. Give him a peep show of your cleavage when you bend over.

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10. Casually tell him you aren’t wearing panties under your skirt or dress.
11. Grind your hips or bum into him when cuddling.
12. Leave a condom on his pillow.
13. Wear a nightgown or oversized shirt to bed while you have nothing else on underneath.
14. Wear that perfume he loves as well as try rubbing yourself all over him.
15. Ask for a massage when you get out of the shower and let him feel your smooth skin.

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16. Take off your bra with your shirt still on.
17. Send him a picture of his favorite body part of yours.
18. When you’re both out grocery shopping, go to another aisle and send him a text to let him know how bad you’re going to please him when you get back home.
19. Ask if he has a condom when you’re at an event together.
20. Ask for his opinion when lingerie shopping online.

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21. Talk about a fantasy you’ve had about him or another woman.
22. Tell him about a sex article you read the other day.
23. Occasionally, walk out of the bathroom in a towel and with wet hair.
24. Suck on his finger.
25. Give him a passionate kiss with tongue. That, in turn, will show him how much you want something else to happen.

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26. Ask him to join you in the shower.
27. Play a sex playlist.
28. Give him a back massage while trailing your hands all over his body.
29. Send him a text that says, “I’m horny.” He’ll appreciate your blunt honesty.
30. Straight up ask if he wants to fuck. Because of that, he’ll like your honesty.

The length of your relationship — or how comfortable you are — totally determines which approach is right for you. But these can be done at any given time when you feel the mood or moment is right. Just own it! It’s very rare someone will turn you down after these — only if they are having a really bad day. But you wouldn’t initiate in those moments anyway. So have fun, you sexy tease!

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