7 Reasons I Will Unapologetically Choose My Career Over A Man



















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  1. Maybe you’re just a workaholic and they wanted to spend more quality time with their partner? I’ve seen women leave guys for this same reason….probably has less to do with gender and more to do with personality/prefrence differences. I’m sure there is a man out there that will hang around for whatever time you have leftover after work (if you are ever really “off”). Maybe I’m wrong and all these guys were telling you to completely quit and start cooking barefoot in the kitchen so that they could be your sole provider and thereby start exerting undue control over you. But I’m willing to bet it was more along the lines of them being concerned that you work too much to have the time and energy for a deep and meaningful relationship (and thats OK, it’s your choice and theirs). You are really setting up a false dichotomy; there is alot of room that lies between power career and housewife (and none of them are wrong choices).

    Also, some of the concerns you listed didn’t seem to fit the story of pick one or the other. Such as #4, i would think if you quit you career completely tomorrow you could still express and use you talents in anyway you wished, even freer than you are allowed now. While I completely agree with #6, I don’t see how it fits in anyway to the rest of the article, unless the only two things that bring you happiness are your career and men, then I guess it does. You’re probably gonna take this like I’m being an asshole but I am really interested in this kind of subject and just wanting to stir discussion. In particular I’d like to hear more about #5, its a completely strange notion to me personally though I’ve often heard things along this line. Once even alittle bit of discomfort expressed by a close friend after his wife got a nice promotion and started making more than him. Thank you for the article, hardwork is always a virtue wherever it is applied!


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