To The Person Who’s Giving Up On Themselves: This World Needs You

world needs you

I’ve always felt that I’m a brave person, but sometimes I want to break. This poem is a message to all of the “brave ones” out in the world, a reminder that it’s OK to struggle.

For a very long time, I have seen myself as brave.

Someone who’s strong and resilient.

A person who could break down any barrier in my path.

Someone who could always walk through the fog.

Someone who never fails to see the light on the darkest days.

But that’s not all of who I am.

Some days I feel like crying. 

I have no will to keep going.

Some days I feel scared to move on.

I feel like I can never dream again.

Some days are harder than others, but that’s OK.

I tell myself…

This is not the part where your story ends.

The part where you learn that it’s OK to feel your scariest emotions.

This is the part where you grow from the pain and gain new power as you heal.

This is the part where you discover your strength as you learn to accept your weaknesses.

The part where you learn that it’s OK to be vulnerable.

This is not the time to forget all of your struggles.

This is the time to look back and realize how far you have come.

The time to hug the person inside of you and affirm yourself.This is the time to dust off your dreams and watch them come true before your eyes.

This is the time to believe in yourself and take that next step that scares you.

You aren’t fighting this battle alone.

Your five-year-old self is looking up to you, believing in your potential.

Your nineteen-year-old self is celebrating that your wonderful life is beyond her wildest dreams.

And your future self is praying for you to be brave even though you’re afraid, wishing that you keep the faith.

You have never been as alone as you feel.

The universe is always with you.

In places that comfort your soul.

In the birds who sing a ballad of hope in the morning.

It’s with you in the stars that know all of your secrets.

In the people who silently love you.

In the loved ones who show you what you mean to them.

It’s with you in the breath that keeps you alive as you wake up every morning and sleep through the night.

I wish you could see that this world needs you.

I wish you could see how your smile lights up a room.

How your texts brighten up anyone’s day.

I wish you could see how your hugs warm the coldest hearts.

I wish you could see how your words open a door to a world full of wonders.

How your story sparks hope in others.

I wish you could see how much your presence matters.

I hope this poem reminds you that even when you don’t feel brave or strong,  your presence really does matter.

If you’re the “brave one” who’s about to give up, I hope you remember that you are loved. You are here because you have a purpose. No matter how hard you struggle, please don’t give up.

Previously published on The Minds Journal.

Featured Photo by Edu Grande on Unsplash.


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