Denim Underwear Takes The Cake For The Most Outrageous Fashion Trend

I am not one to follow fashion too closely. I don’t dress in the latest trends or follow fashion icons on social media. When I hear about some outrageous fashion trends, though, I have to take a sneak peek.

What’s the most recent outrageous fashion statement to catch my eye? Denim underwear, sold by the Parisian company, Y/Project.

This new fashion trend follows the denim craze, but these undies will not be on my wish list. These barely-there jeans cost over $300. Why? Plus, can we say chafing much, ladies? I don’t know anyone who  wants a pair of jeans rubbing on their girl parts for any length of time.

These mid-rise denim panties come in faded Navy. They have everything we expect: three pockets, copper hardware, and belt loops. Sounds pretty fashionable so far, right?

But, let’s remember, these are denim underwear, so you have to wear them under your clothing.

If you want to show off this lingerie on your next date, your denim desires will cost you $315 with free express shipping to the United States through SSENSE. That’s a ridiculously high price to pay for “fashionable” undies.

At first, I thought that these denim panties must be an April Fools’ prank. However, these hideous new undies really do exist. They don’t just exist, though; they sold out within hours after they hit the Internet on Monday. Who is buying these things? And who has $300 to throw around on a pair of underwear?

Judging by these Twitter reactions, many people on the Internet agree with me about the latest denim craze.

What do you think, gals? Are you buying a pair of denim panties? What is your take on this new fashion trend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or tag us on social media!

Feature Image via Instagram


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