So The “Life With Derek” Cast Just Responded To The Incest Rumors…

Life With Derek

Although it’s been years since Life With Derek aired on Disney Channel, the fact that the fans remember the show so fondly hasn’t changed. However, as we reflect on the Canadian sitcom as adults, we definitely notice a lot more about the show. You know, like the fact whether incest was secretly part of the plotline.

For those who don’t really remember, Life With Derek was about a blended family (the McDonald girls, and the Venturi boys and their daughter Marty) and the rivalry between Casey McDonald and Derek Venturi.

It also chronicled various stages of growing up in a funny and relatable way during its four-season run and the follow-up movie Vacation With Derek.

Young fans noticed the characters’ romantic feelings towards each other based on the chemistry and flirtation – it was common knowledge. Every nine year old knew it even though we couldn’t pick up on it in any other show. Moreover, there were even hundreds of fan fiction stories about it online.

Recently, in a clip that resurfaced on Twitter, the fans noticed that Derek and Casey really may have been banging the whole time and our innocent minds didn’t even notice. It wasn’t just love we were detecting!

In the clip, Casey says, “You are the most annoying brother—“

Then Derek chimes in saying, “Stepbrother.”

“Same difference,” she replies to his correction.

And then he growls, “Yeah, you’re right.”

Sexual for a family sitcom, right?

Since then, viewers of the show have been freaking out on Twitter about how we all knew something was going on even though we were too young to understand it. This discussion made it a top trend of the morning throughout Canada and the United States!

I know, who would have thought that Life With Derek would be trending on Twitter on a Tuesday morning in January 2020.

As a result of the Twitter explosion surrounding the tweet and the realization, even the stars of the show have spoken out about the potential incest involved in the show.

Ashley Leggat, who played Casey, tweeted a selfie of her and her co-star (and ex-boyfriend) laying down together, saying she still ships them.

Does this mean she knew that incest was implied and was okay with it!?

Meanwhile, Michael Seater, who played Derek, agreed that they were trailblazers. But did he mean in the “porn” industry?

Both stars have frequently talked about the success of the show over the years and fondly reminisce about their time together. They’ve even filmed videos together reading fan fiction based on the romantic relationship between the two characters on MySpace. I think it’s safe to say they knew.

So no, sadly it wasn’t trending because it’s joining the Disney+ lineup as we hoped. And there isn’t a reunion happening either. However, don’t be surprised if it does happen soon because after the insane amount of hype, we could see it being rebirthed. But maybe on an online website that needs parental permission to watch it – if you know what I mean.

Ah, the nostalgia.

Featured image via Broken Bones on WeHeartIt


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