Pull A John: 5 Things I Want The World To Know About My Dad

My Dad, John, was the most incredible person. He was hardworking, funny, creative, and, most importantly, kind. My father was the type of person who would do anything for anyone he met. He didn’t have to know you for long to be kind to you. It didn’t matter what you looked like, how intelligent you were, or how much money you had — if you needed help, he was there for you.

My dad passed in 2019. He was my best friend, and I miss him every day. While I feel like I’ll never be the same person I was before he passed, I like to think he gave me pieces of him to continue sharing with the world. And I try my best to do so. His birthday is May 25th, and I think the best day to honor him is to do things he would have done and share them with the world.

Here are a few things to know about my father.

1. He was creative.

My dad was someone who worked with his hands. He was this big guy who worked on cars for years. He eventually went on to become a workshop teacher at a school. His creations amazed me every time I saw a picture, whether a wooden lighthouse or a puppet theater. He made wonderful creations. And what he has accomplished still amazes me.

2. He was hysterical.

My father had a sense of humor that ranged from typical dad jokes and dry/sarcastic remarks to things that would make your eyes grow wide, making your jaw drop. A lot of his humor was from shows like Seinfeld, Monty Python, and The Carol Burnett Show. But no matter what type of day you were having, he had a way of making you laugh until your stomach hurt. I try to carry on with his humor. And while I think I do a good job with it, nothing will ever compare to him.

3. He was thoughtful.

Something about my dad that I always admired was the fact that he was constantly thinking of others. Some mornings we’d get up, and I’d hear, “I have to stop at Dunkin’/the deli to pick up ____ for so and so because they’re doing such a great job, and I think they need to know they’re appreciated.” I’ve also heard stories about him getting someone a gift card because he thought they could use a pick-me-up. Whatever it was, he was always thinking about others. And I know that those good deeds were never wasted because I remember seeing the smile on the person’s face when they got the breakfast/coffee/gift card from him. It was something that always stuck with me.

4. He had a heart of gold.

As I’ve mentioned, my father was an incredible person. And that truly had to be because of his kind heart. He was the type of person that would help you in a heartbeat. Whether you needed help with your car or needed something fixed or carried, he was there for you. It didn’t matter who you were: if you needed help, he was there for you. I swear, he was like Superman. If he couldn’t fix something, no one could.

5. He was a light to the world.

Wherever my father went, he was nothing but pure light. He had ways of turning your day around and making it brighter. And he was often a guide for others during times of darkness. He was genuinely a light in this world. And he did what he could to make it that way. I’ve made it my goal to bring as much light as he did, and I hope I’m succeeding with that goal.

My father was taken from us too early, leaving a hole in my heart. I still strive to carry on his legacy by doing what he did best: being kind. On the 25th, please try to “pull a John” and do something to make someone smile. Be creative and kind. Crack a joke or watch a skit from The Carol Burnett Show. Most importantly: Be the light someone needs if they’re going through a rough time. 

I miss you, Dad. I hope I’m making you proud up there. Xoxo

Featured image via Josh Willink on Pexels


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