6 Signs That He’s The Right Guy For You

True love is not only about being there, and it’s not just picking up the call in the middle of the night from the fears disguised as nightmares. Those signs aren’t enough. It’s not about giving you constant assurances that he’s going to linger till his last breath; it takes more than that to deserve your affection.

Here are the 6 signs that he’s the right guy for you:

1. He doesn’t fight your battles for you

He waters you until you grow, hold you till you’ve completely healed. This man teaches you how to stand up for yourself while he only stands by you. He doesn’t make you reliant on him, and thus struggling when he is not there. No matter where he is, you know he’s in your heart to encourage and strengthen you.

He encourages you to always be content and fierce, fighting your own battles and having your own back. 

2. The right guy understands your emotional imbalances

He understands your “I don’t know”s and asks you endless questions until he discovers what’s wrong. This man figures out tons of ways to lift you up and make you happy. He does whatever it takes to ease your discomfort. 

It isn’t easy for him to disregard your emotions like others used to do. Instead, he embraces your hormonal turmoils and break-downs. He’s there for you over and over. 

3. The right guy makes you feel like you are a puzzle being put together

He doesn’t take the easy way out and leave you broken. Instead, he puts all your insecurities to eternal sleep. He makes you feel safe, like you won’t ever be broken again because he made you bulletproof. These are the signs he’s the one.

He hates to see you hurt. It doesn’t matter to him if he’s going to hear the same things that broke you before over and over. He still acts like it’s the first time he hears it just to get out all the agony dwelling inside of you.

4. The right guy makes you feel like you were colorblind before him

This man colors your world in shades that you didn’t know before. He likes to see you radiant, as your happiness does not irritate him. He always insists on seeing your face glow out of euphoria. The right guy makes you believe that there is too much of the world that you didn’t experience, despite how old you are or how many experiences you’ve been through.

5. The right guy is not be threatened by your strength

He loves to see you standing your ground, and if you take a shot he is there to hold you and support you. If you fall, he’s there to treat your wounds, but never to take your place. 

He does not try to deconstruct you, he would never try to degrade you just so he could feel superior. He doesn’t feel that your strength makes him less of a man. He would never suppress your self-love in order to control you.

6. The right guy does not try to dim your light

It doesn’t bother him that your friends love to be around you, or laugh at your jokes, or give you the attention when you talk. On the contrary, he feels proud of choosing you. He doesn’t hide you from his friends. Instead, he shows you off, not afraid that they would love you more than they love him. 

Don’t rush finding your true love because you want to skip to the happily ever after — it will find its way to you. It’s better to stay on your own than to fall for a toxic relationship. Don’t let his sugar-coated poison deceive you. Your “one” is out there — look for the signs and don’t settle for anything less.

Featured image via Pexels


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