Stop B*tching: 20 Reasons Why All Girls Are Hypocrites

We say one thing when we mean another, we b*tch about problems that are the result of our own actions and we’ve been those people we love to hate. We’re all guilty of it. Everyone is, so there’s no point trying to deny it. This generation made up of hypocrites and 20-something females are arguably the most contradictory people out there.

  1. We complain about not having any money but we buy 8-dollar coffees from Starbucks.
  2. We claim that we don’t care about Instagram “likes” but freak out when our crush double-taps our picture.
  3. We want to lose weight but we order pizza after a long night of drinking margaritas.
  4. We say we want a nice reliable guy but we only pursue douchebags.
  5. We complain about having sh*tty friends but we talk sh*t behind our friends backs.
  6. We complain about guys only wanting to hookup but we spend our free moments in between classes swiping through Tinder.
  7. We go on and on about how much we hate Kim Kardashian and her representation of females but we continuously “keep up with the Kardashians.”
  8. We say we don’t want to play mind-games but we spend 3 hours ignoring his text so he doesn’t have the upper hand.
  9. We say we want to be productive but we spend hours binge watching Netflix.
  10. We preach the importance of following the “girl code” but we’ve all broken it to some degree.
  11. We say that we’re over him but we spend hours stalking all of his social media outlets.
  12. We’re constantly trying to stand out and be different but we make sure we buy the latest trends at Forever 21.
  13. We call other girls sluts but we go home with random guys from the bar.
  14. We say we want someone who will bring us flowers but when he does we call him clingy.
  15. We freak out when we think we’re being played but we flirt with boys who have girlfriends.
  16. We rip on girls for being sloppy drunks then spend our nights puking and our mornings trying to piece together what happened.
  17. We complain that our life is in shambles but we use “YOLO” to justify all of our stupid decisions.
  18. We say this generation is full of narcissists but we take endless selfies.
  19. We say we can do better and that he didn’t treat us right but then we get back together with him.
  20. We say we admire Beyonce‘s feminism but we jump at the chance to put other girls down.

As much as we try our hardest to be moral individuals, we catch ourselves going back on our word and looking like assh*les. Millennial girls love to call people hypocrites while acting like fu*king hypocrites, we’re all guilty of it from time to time. None of us are perfect.

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  1. There’s a simple solution: learn self-control, don’t see compromise as a weakness but a strength (an ability you don’t have to use all the time), and do unto others as you wish done to yourself. Never take a selfie. Don’t worry about the superficial, worry about how you feel, not how you look. Don’t rely on how you look for how you feel. Exercise, don’t slather-on makeup and hide your body’s worst parts under clothes designed to do that. Any guy will be offended you were patronising him, and disappointed, so if he bangs you, it’ll be just that, no more respect than he’s been shown by you. Looking good naked is worth way more than a huge clothes budget (because you’ll feel good from being healthy and it’ll show – you’ll glow).
    If you can’t handle power, be humble. Religion was invented for a reason. Take the best elements of that and leave the worst. It’ll make you stronger.
    So many idiot women who’ve believed the bullshit they’ve been sold about being amazing just how they are, and such. Bullshit. You don’t need to feel guilty about x y and z, but you DO need to feel guilty about abusing people. The feeling is there as a huge hint not to do it! People have been sold the lie that it’s OK to be selfish. Good luck finding anyone of value who gives a shit about you, then. So you end up with someone you don’t really rate, who you settled for, and secretly resent? That’s abusing the person in question. Using them. That’s not love, and not the place to have children. Even the most hardcore party-animal will get into their 30s and want kids suddenly, in my experience… Then you look at them and feel sad. For their kids are only going to inherit their problems. Best shape-up. Now. You cannot have it all, and you will have to earn what you get. By being born female, you don’t magically get a right to ignore common sense and the laws of nature. It seems like many fools have been sold a lie that they can. Good luck with that, but remember innocents and don’t abuse them… including your own future children. It’s not about you, it’s about them. When you’re old and your looks have long gone, they’re the ones who’re going to be giving you the love. IF you don’t act like an idiot…

    • I knew there was a reason i was so single despite being a nice guy and having manners … this world is full if nothing but b*tches

      • Oh boy. So, this should be common sense, but even if you think you’re being nIcE it doesn’t mean you actually are. There is such a thing as being too nice. Being too nice can not only make a person extremely uncomfortable around you but can also turn you into an r/niceguys. Dude Idk who hurt your sorry ass, but grow a pair and get a life and please for the sake of everyones sanity- get a brain. Not all women are the same. Not all men are the same. If she says no, sorry but it means no and you have no reason to be mad at her unless she truly treated you like dog shit. This world is full of humans who have their own problems and issues in life. You’re just another human who has unresolved internal issues with the way you see other women just because you think that they’re being bItChEs because they say no. Oh I suppose you’re always being nice to women and having real manners, hm? Real manners are not touching or talking to her without her direct consent, listening to her, not making every compliment about her body, comforting her when she’s not okay, and not being a dick just because you’ve been rejected more than 6 times. As I said before, it doesn’t matter if you think you’re being “nice”, if she says no/that she’s uncomfortable around you, you leave her tf alone and move tf on. Its that simple. Learn to do it.

    • Don’t rely on how you look for how you feel. –> dangerous and wrong.

      Any guy will be offended you were patronising him, and disappointed, so if he bangs you, it’ll be just that, no more respect than he’s been shown by you. –> here we go, no woman can write something without daddy/Powerissues, here we go, before you it’s NOT about power, it’s about

      Looking good naked is worth way more than a huge clothes budget –> aaand it gets hypocrat again… it’s selling yourself for sex, just to prove something, don’t you see?

      because you’ll feel good from being healthy and it’ll show – you’ll glow –> this “glowing” female entitlement is what throws back men just for this special feel of “entitlement” which is obv toxic behaviour.

      Using them. That’s not love, and not the place to have children –> before you said that it’s all about sexiness and being naked and don’t giving ANYTHING back to the men, just use him and now you say this? Hypocracy or multiple characters…

      I stop now, I agree with Moe and every girl is a redflag now. Stop PLSSS

    • Lol, I’m a woman in my 30s and disgusted by the idea of having children. You don’t have children just to have someone to take care of you later, that’s ridiculous; you have them because you want them and can care for them. Plus, males often lack common sense as well, possibly even more so. So, get off your high horse and look at them (and yourself). Only one thing in this article actually applies to me( the weight loss point).

  2. Stop making generalizations about women. Learn to focus on yourself. Sex is not limited to just being within a relationship and for that matter someone else’s sex life shouldn’t be any of your concern. Stop shit talking your own gender, it just makes it okay for men to shit talk us. Easy fix. Its depressing if you can’t do it.

  3. $8 coffees? That’s nothing. My daughter is on slave wages flipping burgers; she just brought a $100+ coat. About 5 dollars worth of fabric in it. Insanity. I know this is not unique to women, and it’s not entirely women’s’ fault as billions are spent targeting them with marketing propaganda, but I think women blow more money on low value goods and vanity stuff.


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