It’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month & Here’s How You Can Help

The #MeToo movement has ignited the dialogue about sexual assault around the world, prompting women to speak up and be heard. The month of April is sexual assault awareness month. The NSVRC states that 1 in 5 women face sexual assault and happens regardless of age, race, and social income. Bringing awareness to this issue could help someone out. Here are five ways you can raise awareness of sexual assault.

It requires no action, just support. Many victims don’t report sexual assault incidents because of fear that they will not be believed. According to the NSVRC, most victims are sexually assaulted by someone they know. These victims are often manipulated into thinking that it’s their fault. We can believe and hear them out. Let them know that none of this was their fault. Help them find professional help that will help them through it.

Find a local shelter or organization in your area that provides support for victims of sexual assault. You can donate in any way from making a cash donation to essential utilities. They are always in need of diapers, feminine hygiene products, soap, shampoos, and clothing. Most women go to these organizations with nothing but their clothes on their backs. You can help them worry about one less thing.

Donate your phone
This one may not be what most people might think about right away. However, it can save some person’s life. Instead of cell phone collecting dust in one of your drawers. Most of the time, victims don’t have access to a phone, or they have their phones monitored. Having an accessible phone could give victims a way to contact police if there is an emergency.

Educating others about this issue is essential. Most people don’t even know what sexual violence is. People need to know that it can be anything from physical abuse, emotional abuse, and manipulation. Let people know not to make a joke about situations that involve this sensitive issue. Instead, speak up and help raise awareness.

Overall, you can do these things to spring support to victims of sexual assault. Keep supporting women who share their stories. Let them know it was nothing they did wrong. Volunteer or donate to a local organization that helps women. Put your old phones to use. Educate. Educate. Educate. Don’t let those comments stay as a joke, speak up and correct others. All these things could help change and bring ease to these victims.

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