Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Leaving The Royal Family

It has been confirmed that the Duke & Duchess of Sussex are stepping down as “senior” members of the royal family.

The couple announced the news just minutes ago in a statement via Instagram.

The news follows the couple’s return to London after a three-week vacation on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Yesterday, onlookers spotted them visiting the Canada House in London to thank the Canadians for their kind hospitality during their stay.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now plan to split their time between living in the UK and in North America while continuing to honor The Queen, the Commonwealth, and their patronages. They will also collaborate with members of the royal family on other projects and presumably uphold some Royal Family traditions.

The couple will raise baby Archie with an appreciation for the royal tradition. He’ll also have a chance to grow up away from the chaos and negativity of the British press. Meghan and Harry are also taking steps to become financially independent.

As part of their decision to step back as “senior” members of the royal family, they are now developing a new role within the family. While they still have some obligations and will share some responsibility, they’ll essentially be part time. They will have more freedom outside of the palace walls, and the ability to be selective with the projects they will work on. It’s unsure how exactly their role will change and how much they will do for the monarchy, but they will still be involved in some sense… Just a lot more minimal than what they were before.

But fear not – Meghan and Harry do plan to continue to work with their favorite charities and raise awareness for causes near and dear to their hearts. Both have been passionate about charity work since before they began dating.

It’s no secret that the press has played a huge role in the couple’s decision to step down.

The British press has attacked the couple – Meghan in particular – since Meghan and Harry began dating in 2017. The Sussex family has sued numerous news outlets for defamation and bullying.

I’m not shocked by the couple’s decision.

I could only imagine how demanding a royal role is and how exhausting and hurtful it must be to be under media scrutiny for every move. I am a little shocked that it happened so soon, though.

Harry, in particular, is a strong mental health advocate, so I’m sure the royal couple made this decision for their well-being. Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, famously lived with mental illness as a result harassment from the British media. So Harry is taking precautions for his family to ensure that the same won’t happen to them, too.

The couple is making a brave statement, and we wish them the best of luck in their endeavors.

Featured image via Wikimedia


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