Some Days Are Not My Best Days, But I Keep Fighting For Myself & Others

The world is a complex place, but the written word allows us to slow down and reflect on our lives. The following poem is an analogy that symbolizes my life with the complex universe that us humans are a part of and that I feel such a strong connection to.

Throughout the piece, I reflect on how my own perspectives differ from those of society’s, and my drive to live a happy, peaceful, fulfilling, and fun life. I believe there is more to life outside of what we see right in front of our faces and what is told to us. More profound and frequent memories of tranquility and adventures can be found if life is explored more deeply, hence the title of this poem: “Extraterrestrial Wonderland.”  

Just like the term extraterrestrial refers to the universe outside of earth, I think outside of this immediate life there is something better, a wonderland. I wrote this poem with the prompt of “write a poem about yourself” and this is what resulted. What’s more, I encourage you to try doing the same — even if you don’t consider yourself “a writer.”

I am battery acid on wood

Striving to be as honest as

A lover should be to her partner,

I feel the need to hide reality

Because conformity

As vast as Jupiter

yet not as vast as the universe

Takes up space around me.

The other planets- planets of love, determination, loyalty (to me and to others,)

Are my dream destinations.

Each individual in my life

So unique, so different from I

Am I the alien?

Or are they all aliens?

I feel I function far into a fantasy.

I don’t understand them. But I do? But I don’t. 

Or maybe they don’t understand me. 

Luckily some fellow aliens join me.

We adventure, aspire, and admire

The stars in the sky and the stars in life. (We like to let them know we think they are stars.)

The moon knows loneliness.

It is the only thing to orbit the earth.

I am the only one to be me.


I conquer potential senses of isolation with self-love, socialization,

and support.

Pain settles in my chest and sucks enthusiasm out of me

like a vacuum filled with lamented love.

To dance to the fiery of someone’s soul,

to inspire someone’s smile, 

aids my defeat of that obstacle.

After all, a nova star flies after Earth

With an undetermined arrival date.

So, no time to waste. 

I will be happy, I said.

I am happy.

So, I hope you can also enjoy each day and each moment as it passes, despite the circumstances you may be in. Some days are not my best days, but I aim to keep fighting for my own and others’ well-being. I envision a world where everyone is welcomed, loved, and respected. I envision a world of “one big happy family.”  Let’s keep fighting to reach those dream destinations of the planets of love, determination, and loyalty.

Photo by Mike Palmowski on Unsplash


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