Meghan Markle Isn’t A “Difficult Duchess,” Mainstream Media Is Just Sexist

The media has constantly attacked Meghan Markle since late 2016, when she and Harry publicly announced their relationship. Eventually, Harry released a statement in response to the “outright sexism and racism” of online commentators. However, most media sources have largely ignored this request, and the Duchess still faces a significant amount of criticism.

Many have nicknamed Markle the “difficult Duchess” and have scrutinized her for everything from her previous marriage to her pet ownership.

In fact, Daily Mail even completed a genealogical investigation that determined that Markle and Prince Harry are actually distant cousins. Investigators recently discovered that Prince Andrew was friends with Jeffery Epstein. But all anyone worries about is Meghan and Harry’s vacation expenses. Worst of all, polls put Megan Markle in the lead for the least popular royal.

However, some celebrities recently expressed support for Harry and Meghan. Despite the media criticism the royals received for using a private jet for their summer holiday, they still have many friends. The media claims that their decision to use a private jet conflicts with the couple’s position on environmentalism. Many used the private jet incident as an opportunity to once again paint Meghan as a diva

Ellen DeGeneres, P!nk, and Jameela Jamil all rebuked the claim that Meghan isn’t environmentally conscious via Twitter.

Ellen said explained that she met the couple to talk about wildlife conservation. She went on to say that Meghan and Harry are “the most down-to-earth, compassionate people.”

P!nk was “happy to see people coming to the defense of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.” She also called out the media for “bullying” the Duchess.

Jameela Jamil shared that she believes that people hate Markle “because she’s black” and that the media attacks on the Duchess are racist.

Elton John, who invited the royal couple to France and paid for their jet, shared that he financed the jet because he simply feared for their safety. Clearly, most media sources could care less about Markle or her safety, instead opting to assume that the Duchess is a hypocrite. 

It is not surprising that Megan Markle is treated this way. Unfortunately, these media attacks are just an example of how sexist and racist our world is. As these celebrities pointed out, this treatment is not OK. Regardless of Markle’s history or anything else, she deserves the same respect as any other person on this planet.

Feature Image by sussexmeghan on Instagram


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