You Won’t Believe The Tea That’s Being Spilled About The Royal Family

Last week we at Unwritten, published a story, discussing the alleged affair the Duke of Cambridge, aka Prince William, had on his wife the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate. However, over the last 24 hours, a lot of royal tea is being spilled about the couple’s affair and that it may be the root cause for the family feud.

A lot of people are now believing that the real reason Prince William and his brother Prince Harry (his official title is the Duke of Sussex) are fighting is because Prince William may have turned the tabloids against Harry’s wife Meghan.

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I know, shocking right.

Eager royal watchers who have been closely following everything from the rift between the brothers after Prince Harry and Meghan’s May 2018 wedding, the cheating scandal and the arrival of baby Sussex expected to make it’s arrival any time now. But now they’re putting together some pieces in the time line that may actually make sense.

A lot of fans of the family have developed the theory that to cover Prince William’s cheating scandal he would alert the press or divert the press to focus more on Meghan instead of him. Prince Harry has been noticeably defensive and extremely protective of his new wife. So now he now feels betrayed and hurt by his brother (who he always shared a close bond with). And that the reason for why they’re fighting.

When you first think of this theory you may think that maybe this has gone a little too far. After all, at this point, every news outlet is literally grabbing gossip out of thin air just to get a story with their names out of it. But when you notice the time line, you can actually see the distance growing further and further apart.

On April 22nd the fab four all attended St. Joseph’s Chapel to attend Easter Monday mass. And based on the footage filmed by news outlet, there’s a noticeable distance between the brothers.

Which, let me tell you, is awkward to watch.

To top off the outrageous claims in the media, new reports that are coming out today are suggesting the Sussex’s are moving to Africa after the baby’s birth to escape the media. It’s already been speculated that because of the increase of media pressure on Meghan (that came from Wills), that’s why they moved out of London for a little while.

But maybe the fab four aren’t all beefing and that there are some genuine connections that we’re failing to appreciate?

Yesterday Prince Harry, and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, made a joint appearance at Westminister Abbey to celebrate Australian and New Zealand Army Corps Day. The pair seemed completely normal as if nothing has been happening to their family. Harry and Kate have always seemed very close. Prince Harry has often been seen making the future Queen laugh at public appearances.

Due to their natural interactions with each other yesterday, this may indicate that the only real bad blood might only be between the brothers. It may also mean that Prince Harry feels sympathy towards his sister in law after all she’s gone through personally.

Fans are also now discussing the fact that this situation does actually hit close to home for both princes. As their father famously had an affair on their mother Princess Diana with his now wife Camila Parker Bowles. So obviously seeing the hell she went through (that ultimately killed her in the long run), Harry is extremely sensitive to this topic and is aware of what this can do to a family.

To be fair, you would think that Prince William would know better after what his family went through. But maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and his squeaky clean persona isn’t what we thought it was.

But then again, even Beyonce got cheated on by Jay Z. So maybe this is just what happens when men who are fours go for women who are tens?

I think it’s safe to say that even we feel a tad upset over the news of the infidelity. As well as betrayed because we grew to be so in love with the Cambridge’s as a couple. Hell, we all woke up at the crack ass of dawn to watch their fairy tale moment.

We’ve been invested!

While some of this may never be confirmed since this very well could be a compiled story of lies. And with theories developing the newest headline, making it snowball into a bigger story.

So until then, let’s all patiently wait for the announcement of baby Sussex’s birth. This birth will truly be a blissful moment in history that deserves to be celebrated!

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