5 Creative Ways To Enjoy Some Much-Needed Time To Yourself

Everyone needs friends and family in their life. But have you ever just wanted to enjoy a moment alone? If you need a break from work, relationships, or even your best friend, try out one of these five creative ways to enjoy some time to yourself. 

1. Create a playlist and put it on repeat while you carve out time to yourself. 

Music is a great way to tune out the world and relax, so make a playlist of all your favorite jams and blast it all day long. Mix any genres you want, but make sure that you keep your playlist full of songs that make you feel happy and free. 

2. Write out a “Want To Do” list. 

Although a “Want to do” list isn’t a long-term bucket list, it’s basically the same concept. Sit down and write out a list of things you really want to do over the next week or month. Try to keep the focus on yourself so that you can pick out items on the list when you need inspiration for a day to yourself. Then, every time you spend a day alone, bring your list to life.

3. Enjoy a relaxing activity with that time to yourself. 

There’s nothing better for an “alone day” than taking some time to enjoy a relaxing activity. Go to a spa or nail salon and let other people pamper you. Or if that’s not your style, go paint some pottery or enjoy a wine tasting at your local vineyard. It doesn’t matter how you choose to relax,as long as the activity is something that you can enjoy stress-free.

4. Imagine and plan a dream vacation.

As adults, we don’t daydream or use our imagination enough. So if you’re looking for a quick activity that you can do in your pajamas, just sit and imagine what your dream vacation would look like. If you’re feeling really ambitious, get some paper and plan the whole thing out. Pick locations, items to pack, and activities you want to enjoy once you get there. Just let your mind wander and enjoy a moment of daydreaming!

5. End your day with a personal party. 

If you’re looking for a way to soak up some personal time after a long day, let loose with a personal party. Grab some of your favorite snacks, blast that playlist you made, and dance your feelings out. Make the evening a celebration of you and everything you love.

We’ve all read countless articles about the importance of self-care. But when you carve out moments for yourself and plan days for you to enjoy all to yourself, you’re putting your needs first and practicing self-care.. After your day is over, tell your friends about your personal day and encourage others to hop on the bandwagon. After all, we all deserve a day to ourselves every once in a while!

Feature Image by Anthony Tran on Unsplash


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