9 Indoor Date Ideas If You’re Quarantining With Your Partner

Want some creative ways to stay connected with your significant other without leaving the house? Look no further! For many of us, staying home is the only option because of the Coronavirus pandemic, which means that we have to adjust our date night expectations. While many of us typically bond with our partners at restaurants, movie theaters, concerts, and beaches, it’s important that we find fun indoor alternatives. Here are nine fun “social distancing” date ideas to try if you’re in quarantine with your partner:

1. Cook a meal together.

Your food might not taste as good as the restaurants you usually go to for date night, but cooking together can be fun even if one (or both) of you usually specializes in microwaved food. Working together to make something is a great bonding experience, especially when it’s something you get to eat afterwards.

2. Make art.

If you and your partner are creative, try doing arts and crafts together. Whether you paint, draw, or start a collage, there are so many possibilities to try! You can draw, paint, or sculpt each other or channel your competitive side into an art contest. Post the finished products on social media and ask your friends to vote for a winner!

3. Work out together.

If you want something more active, there are plenty of online exercise videos that you can do together. Sweat together, stay together!

4. Go outside (in your own yard).

Whether your local weather is more conducive to a snowball fight or lounging by the pool, take advantage of your own backyard. A change of scenery can help alleviate the boredom of never leaving your house.

5. Play board games.

Remember how you used to complain about how long Monopoly takes to play? Well, now that you have extra time to kill, it’s the perfect time for a game night with your partner! Pull out old favorites like Sorry or Life, or try something new!

6. Look at pictures of outer space.

If you’d like to get away from Earth’s Coronavirus drama without ever leaving your living room, check out NASA’s free photos of outer space. Get lost space with your significant other – it’s better than staying on Earth!

7. Take a virtual tour.

Because of the Coronavirus, many museums currently offer virtual tours. Enjoy art and history alongside your partner right from the comfort of your own couch.

8. Listen to music together.

Even if you and your partner have different tastes in music, now’s the perfect time to share your favorite songs with each other. Take turns playing songs for each other and sharing why you like them. You’ll bond with your partner and may even find a new favorite song!

9. Watch a movie.

If all else fails, Netflix has your back. Watching something you wouldn’t normally choose to mix up your movie night. After all, even if you see a horrible movie, you and your partner can still connect over how terrible it is!

While social distancing definitely makes planning date night more difficult, there are still plenty of fun date options for you to try in quarantine. You and your partner may even discover a date idea you love and keep up the tradition after the virus outbreak ends!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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