Why You Need To Have A Different Playlist For Every Mood

I, like so many others around me, am in a transitional phase in my life. Somedays I find myself working, others at school, others at home surrounded by laundry, essays and a million other things. This can go on for quite a few years as we go through various stages of education and work our way slowly into a routine.

One element of this lifestyle that I find truly challenging, is the constant altering of our daily schedule. Without routine I often find myself neglecting to take care of myself. Sometimes I start settling into a routine where I go to the gym before class or do yoga before work, but just as I’m getting used to it I get pulled in another direction and lose the consistency all over again.

Despite this endless chaos, there is one area of my life I never seize to neglect: music. There are many reasons for this, but the most important are the effects it can have on your health. No matter what I am doing, I can guarantee that if I don’t have any good music accessible to me, I won’t work out or if I do I will cut it short and slack off. Having a good playlist is essential to my physical health.

I also find that music drastically affects my mental health. When I’m studying, having some background noise helps soothe and focus me. When I’m cleaning, I love to sing along to old tunes that help pass the time more enjoyable. When I’m commuting to or from work, or even on break, music helps ease the stress and chaotic nature of my day. Even at the end of all this, I love to come home, cook dinner and of course dance around my kitchen with some music playing.

What I have found is that there is music for every mood you encounter, no matter what life is throwing at you. It’s the one area of my life that I always find time for, but is also constantly changing and growing. Until I entered university, I never enjoyed or listened to any classical music, but it turns out that it makes for great study music! Similarly, until I started to go to the gym regularly, I never really appreciated any form of electronic music, but I’ve grown to love running to it.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to music, and every single one is there to help you through your day. For some of us, this might mean switching between several different genres, and that’s okay. What’s important is that we don’t get so caught up in our ever-changing lives and forget to partake in the things that make us feel most at home wherever we are.

Do yourself a favor, and make a playlist for every element of your life. Trust me when I say, it will help your day become much easier. If you don’t know much about music, or simply don’t have time to make a playlist, download Spotify or any other app that does it for you! If you’re looking for suggestions on playlists, check out some of our previous pieces (a few of which you can find here, here, and here that have some pointers! Your mental and physical health will both benefit from the motivation and light music brings to your life. Don’t underestimate the power it has, and the many different ways it can fit into your life.

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