Why It’s Healthy To Talk Openly About Your Sex Life

Today, our society is more open than ever about sex. Whether it’s married couples discussing intimate desires or college girls rehashing hookups, everyone seems to love talking about sex.

Some of the more conservative among us might take issue with sex talk. However, the reality is that talking about sex is healthy. After all, sex is an incredibly important part of our lives. Nearly all of us enjoy it, and almost all of us need it in order to fulfill our desires. Being able to share our turn-ons with our friends and partners in a safe, inclusive environment is the best way to heat things up in the bedroom. 

1. Talking about sex keeps intimacy playful.

A lot of the current conversation about discussing our sex lives revolves around consent. But even though consent is necessary, you can talk about sex without just revolving around possible negative outcomes. Sex is, if nothing else, one of the most fun things you can do with your partner. 

It can often be difficult to open up about the details of your sex life, especially you usually keep what happens in the bedroom “hush-hush.” But if you have a solid support network of understanding friends, consider opening up about sex now and again. Poking fun at the time you fell off the bed by mistake or the awkward moment when you nearly suffocated yourself trying to put on a condom with your mouth will help you have enjoyable sex with your partner – without the embarrassment.

2. Talking about sex has mental health benefits.

When we to honestly share how we truly feel about sex, we ultimately improve our mental health tremendously. When we talk about sex, we affirm that loving sex isn’t “weird” or “abnormal.” Sex is, after all, a completely normal human experience. For those of us who grew up in especially conservative communities, being vulnerable about our sex lives can be a vital way to take away some of the emotional baggage that often surrounds our sex lives. Remaining open helps us enjoy it in a more light-hearted way — and who doesn’t love a quick, stress-free tumble in the hay?

3. Talking about sex will help you feel more confident in bed.

From vibrators to vivid dreams, from a cheeky lap-dance to cuddling away a Sunday afternoon after reaching an orgasm, sex is full of opportunities for excitement and connection. But if you aren’t confident about your bedroom moves, you’ll miss out on all the fun.The good news is that the more you communicate with your partner about your life in the bedroom, you’ll feel more ready when it’s time to get a little messy with that special someone. 

Talking about sex can improve your whole life, so why wait to speak up? Be open about what turns you on, and you’ll discover that sex is more pleasurable than you’ve ever known. Mind-blowingly good sex is a prize worth working towards, and you deserve every minute of it, so start communicating today!

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