National Donut Day: 7 Places To Get Free Donuts Today

I know it seems like there is a national celebration every other day now with Wine Day, Sibling Day, or even Hug a Medievalist Day. But today is by far my favorite semi-made up holiday of the year — the one day a year where you can go to Krispy Kreme and not break the bank — National Donut Day.

This o.g. national celebration began in 1938 by the Salvation Army when they decided to give out free donuts to soldiers. Today, the tradition continues with the promise of free donuts to everyone, not just soldiers.

Need an excuse to get donuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do-nut miss out on these participating chains:

  1. Dunkin Donuts is obviously the nation’s iced coffee hot spot, but today’s purchase of a beverage comes with your fave free donut.
  2. Runner-up in my heart is Krispy Kreme, where anyone can show up today and get a free donut — and the chance to donate to the Salvation Army. That’s charity I can get behind.
  3. Midwestern chain La’Mar’s Donuts offer the same no-coffee-attached deal for all the free donuts you want. The same goes for southern gem Shipley Donuts.
  4. Everyone’s grocery store fave, Entenmann’s is holding a contest to win free donuts for a year! Could you imagine?!
  5. Convenient stores like Cumberland Farms, Swiss Farms, Turkey Hill, 7/11Sheetz and Wawa are even more convenient today. Pop in for a coffee, your lunch, a quarter tank of gas, and score free donuts!
  6. Tim Horton’s is being a stickler: customers can use this coupon to ~~actually pay~~ $2.99 for six donuts. That would be a deal on literally any other day of the year, Tim.
  7. And of course, there are local mom and pop shops that are taking the holiday seriously, as well. Pop by your favorite bakery or local coffee spot to see what kind of donut deals you can squeeze.

Nothing tastes better than free food. Happy eating, y’all!

Featured image via Fidel Fernando on Unsplash


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