The 10 Best Beaches For 20-Something Travelers To Visit

Conquering the beaches of the world is on nearly everyone’s bucket list. However, there are hundreds of beautiful beaches on this planet to explore. Although this makes it difficult to decide which beaches are best to visit, this article should help you out. In fact, these are the 10 best beaches to visit in your 20s:

Bondi Beach: Sydney, Australia

Known as one of the most iconic beaches on the planet, Bondi Beach is covered with white sand and impressive waves. While it’s an excellent place for surfers, Bondi Beach is also an ideal location for anyone looking for a great time. The best part? Cafes and restaurants serve up delicious cuisines all around the beach. 

Glyfada Beach: Corfu Island, Greece

Although Greece is filled with beautiful beaches, we highly recommend you check out Glyfada Beach on Corfu Island. Located a mere 16 kilometers from Corfu, the beach is always busy with people celebrating in the sun. You can spend all day in the sand, but don’t forget to stroll into one of the pubs in the area so that you can enjoy the great music and remarkable cocktails.

Miami Beach: Miami, Florida

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Known as the world’s sexiest beach, Miami Beach is also an exceptional party place for anyone in their 20s. Miami Beach hosts many parties every summer, so don’t plan much for your trip besides riding the waves and following the party crowd!

Praia do Sancho: Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Known as Brazil’s aquatic eden, Praia do Sancho is one hopping place. In fact, people don’t wait until nightfall to start partying on the beach. The music booms while the locals show off their amazing dancing skills. By the time the beach party is over, you will be too tired to wake up the next day.

Zuma Beach: Malibu, California

The best way to enjoy Zuma Beach in Malibu is through surfing during the day and partying at night. For this reason, you should rent vehicles with roof racks so that you can easily transportat your boards. People at Zuma Beach are friendly, and there are plenty of nearby restaurants to enjoy local cuisine before you fly out of the region.

Cornwall Beach: Cornwall, England

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach with fantastic views, check out Cornwall Beach in England! Plan to visit in August during their annual surfing festival so you can enjoy great music, exciting activities, and plenty of drinks for 5 straight days.

El Nido Beach: Palawa, Philippines

El Nido was not only voted one of the best beaches on the planet, but it is also a great party spot! Although El Nido isn’t as crowded as some of the other beaches on this list, it’s always a lively place. Also, many clubs lie minutes off the beach, making it a great destination for party people.

Ses Salines Beach: Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza

Naturally the party capital of the world is also famous for the best beach parties in the world. Despite its remote location, the rugged beach hosts some great electronic music parties. Who knows, you might even bump into celebrities as you let loose.

Kuta Beach: Bali, Indonesia

There is no way you can visit Indonesia without partying on the shores of one of its famous beaches. Kuta Beach offers everything a party enthusiast needs for a splendid time. From sand to great music, you’ll never want to leave Kuta Beach. 

Palolem Beach: Goa, South India

Palolem beach is trendy for its strategic location and beautiful surroundings. It is also the place to be whenever you are in India and want to have fun and party like a youngster. The area is always brewing with parties and fun activities. Sometimes it can also be a bit crowded, and so you have to research the best days to visit the place. The vibrancy of Palolem will stun you. 

While the world contains hundreds of beaches, these 10 are the best places for young adults to visit when they want to let loose. Prepare yourself for a memorable time as you mingle with locals and dance the night away on the sand at one of these amazing destinations.

Photo by Ryan Christodoulou on Unsplash


  1. I would also add a beach on the island of Zanzibar. Last year we were in Tanzania and took a tour to the island, we were very impressed with the beautiful beaches, the cleanliness of the sea and the kindness of the locals!


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