How To Hold Onto Summer When It Starts Getting Colder

Hello Summer, you’ve been very missed. The shining sun, the heat, the positivity, the colors, the plants and green grass, the bonfires, the beaches – oh how we have missed you. We are so fortunate to have you, even if it’s only for a few months of the year. We do love you. Here in Canada, we really look forward to seeing you again. Not very many of us truly enjoy the winter seasons like yes, there’s hockey season, Christmas and Thanksgiving but what we really look forward to is the weekend of May 2nd-4th and Canada Day… I guess we like drinking in the sunshine. We wish we could have you around all the time but mother nature does not like that idea.

I tend to notice that when the leaves start to fall off the trees and as the temperature drops people seem to drop too. They seem to get upset and lose that summer vibe, the vibe of adventure, happiness, and fun. So instead of losing that positive vibe, why don’t we keep it all year round?

Save your money and go somewhere tropical.

Yes, everyone loves being in the sun I think that is an obvious statement, it is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, vitamin D is really good to our bodies. So, why not spend the year saving up for a tropical destination for yourself to regenerate that summer vibe and take a week trip down south. Go to Hawaii, spend a few days in the Dominican, go on a cruise. Life can be fun and sunny if you allow it to be.

Wear bright colors.

Yes, the sun shining is gone but your shine doesn’t have to be. Let yourself be the sun in the picture. Wear those bright pink shoes with that bright yellow dress, be your own ball of sunshine.

Keep plants around.

We all know that plants and trees are gorgeous in the summer. We know how beautiful they truly are and how happy they make us. So why not decorate your house with plants? Bring that garden shed of plants inside, it’ll brighten up your day. Also, plants subconsciously make you feel calm and relaxed, who doesn’t want that?

Go to the beach.

We all know beaches are a large part of summer and summer fun but have you ever been to a beach in the winter? You get to walk across the water (since it’s frozen) and just look out to the rest of the lake, it is a beautiful view. It puts that fun summery expectation to a twist on a nice winter day.

Bring those summer activities inside.

Do you like camping? Having bonfires? Swimming? Having Barbeques? If you answered yes to any one of those this will really connect with you. The things you need to camp is mostly just a tent… so why can you not put a tent up in your living room? Bonfires are equivalent to me saying smores and you can make a certain smores dip in the oven or roast marshmallows over the stovetop. It is a fun and yummy treat. If you add the fireplace channel to the television you are even more ahead. Swimming is one of those year-round events, there are so many indoor pools you can go to. It’ll be a fun day trip with friends or family.

The next time you wish summer will last forever just remember that you can make your own summer. You can make it last the way you want it to. It may not be your perfect summer but then that just gives you more time to shine during the summer. It’s fun if you allow it to be. Have a great summer!

Featured image via Constantinos Panagopoulos on Unsplash


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