How To Celebrate Father’s Day While Quarantining Away From Your Dad

This year is the first Father’s Day that I’m not living at home with my parents (save for a couple years in a dorm). I always assumed that Father’s Day would be the same as any other day – that I’d go home and spend time with my family (plus share some presents!) When I found out that I had potentially been exposed to COVID-19, though, I had to quarantine at home. I learned that I wouldn’t get to spend Father’s Day with my dad, and it was disappointing. It’s weird knowing my dad is a five-minute drive away but I can’t go see him. But there are ways to make celebrating Father’s Day from a distance easier.

1. Take advantage of technology.

Hopefully, your dad is tech-savvy enough to video chat with you if you are quarantining separately from him. If not, you can watch a movie together using Netflix Party or play online video games if that’s more his speed. Even if you can’t celebrate the way you normally do, your dad will appreciate hearing from you over the phone.

2. Send your dad a present.

It’s never too late to send your dad a Father’s Day gift! Even if your present arrives at his house weeks after Father’s Day, your dad will appreciate the thought. You can give him a heads-up that a gift is coming or let it be a fun surprise! There are plenty of great gift options on Amazon that you can deliver straight to his house. (I personally went with a funny t-shirt!)

3. Make plans for after quarantine is over.

You might not know when you’ll see your dad again, but you can still talk about what you want to do when quarantine ends. Make plans to visit your dad at home, go to a restaurant, or see a movie, and eagerly wait until the day when you’ll be able to safely leave the house again. Personally, I’m excited to show my parents my new apartment in the future!

No matter how you celebrate today, remember that your dad is your dad every day of the year. Sure, Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate your dad, but you’ve had so many other special days with him in your lifetime. Right now, you have to stay apart to stay safe and healthy, but there are plenty more good days coming. Your dad will always be your dad, so look forward to spending time with him in any way you can.

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