8 Hot Fall Fashion Trends You Need To Be Following

Much like the rest of the world, I’m obsessed with fall fashion. There are so many trends we can play with and a lot of the pieces we get to wear are actually super comfy. Hence, it’s a win-win situation! However, this year, we say goodbye to the long sleeve dresses, oversized scarves, and riding boots trend, and say hello to a more sophisticated fashion. 

Here are 8 fall fashion trends you need to be following.

1. Leather skirts

This fall, little leather skirts are a huge trend. They’re often paired with a sweater, blazer and blouse or even a long sleeve shirt or bodysuit. Regardless, you need to get one of these in your closet because I think it’s the new little black dress. 

2. Camel-colored fashion


If it’s a camel colour, it’s more than likely on the racks. Shirts, blazers, outerwear jackets, scarves, purses, shoes and even hats and mittens are everywhere. And they’re an important fall wardrobe staple.

3. Plaid pants


I don’t know if Clueless has finally inspired fashion trends, but plaid pants are here to stay! And no, I don’t mean plaid like plaid shirts. I mean classy black, white and grey prints. 

4. Burnt orange/red color fashion


This color reflects the fallen leaves, and I am here for it. They make for perfect sweaters, turtlenecks, skirts, and dresses. Plus, it’s super comfy loungewear you can get away with wearing as long as you pair it with something nice. 

5. Long jackets

Whether it’s a long jacket for the brisk days or an oversized blazer or super long cardigan that goes to your knees – it’s in this season. Not only is it a fashionable trend, but it’s also sensible since it helps keep our bums and thighs warm too. I’m sure we can all appreciate being warm in this weather. 

6. Cheetah print


Following the popular bathing suit trend from this past summer, cheetah print is here to stay this fall too! I’m talking shirts, pants, jackets, hats, scarves, purses and shoes! One funky cheetah piece per outfit is all it takes to keep yourself looking cool.

7. Colorful skirts

Whether it’s corduroy, a paper bag style, or even ankle length, a colorful skirt is a must. Burgundy, deep wine red, a custard-like yellow and hunter green are sweeping the most popular category as well. Moreover, they can be found literally anywhere for decent prices. 

8. Sweater and skirt fashion combo

Everywhere you look on Instagram, you see models wearing a skirt of some sort with a semi oversized sweater tucked in. So clearly this style is a go-to that we all need to follow ASAP to keep on-trend. 

Luckily for all fall fashionistas, a lot of popular trends can be accompanied together this year. So you don’t have to space them out each day. A cheetah print sweater and a leather skirt. An oversized sweater and colorful corduroy skirt. Or even a pair of black and white plaid dress pants and a long camel jacket. They all can totally go together! Hurry up and get your pieces while you can, because they’re going fast!

Featured image via Anthropologie


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