The One Thing Your Online Dating Profile Must Include If You Want To Find Love

When I was first hired in advertising, I thought I had hit utopian good fortune. It’s true that I’ve traveled to some wonderful destinations and had great eats, but I’ve also spent 18 hours outside, in the winter, on a TV shoot with no electric heaters for coffee, let alone for the crew. What could this possibly have to do with online dating?

It leads me to an important insight: Online dating is not as bountiful as it can appear.

Yes, there are millions of singles out there, all listening to dating advice to help them find love. Yes, you could connect with all people the world over. And, yes, it’s a great way to meet your soulmate. However, keep your expectations realistic.

For one, no matter how wonderful some of those singles are, they won’t necessarily be ideal for you. Conversely, you might not be ideal for them.

In addition, there are a number of other variables that make those choices limited. For instance, some people might develop a relationship online, but not be interested in taking it offline. Some people might agree to meet and then chicken out. Also, some profiles aren’t actually active. That is, some of the members aren’t full members and, therefore, can’t contact you.

So, while there are choices online, the choices aren’t endless. Be prepared for what could end up being months of emails (sometimes with no reply) and several first dates before you meet the right one.

More importantly, be prepared for online dating by never doubting your self-worth.

If you aren’t getting the interest you hoped for, recognize that no one is actually rejecting you. They don’t even know you!

In addition, they’re not rejecting you based on looks either because, until you meet, no one can really get the ‘true you’ picture. Truthfully, no one looks 100 percent like their photos. It’s impossible to truly judge someone based on an ID card. Moreover, some people are photogenic, and some are not.

Online dating opens up a world of possibilities, and I highly recommend it. However, be prepared by keeping your expectations realistic and by keeping a realistic perspective on the entire process.

Until you meet someone and begin to date regularly, all you’re really doing is connecting with people who are virtual strangers.

Originally written by Kate Houston on YourTango

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


  1. I think the profile should contain real photos and real descriptions of your preferences. This will save you from unpleasant casual dating.


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