7 Fall Fashion Trends You Need For The New School Year

After two months of fun vacations and lounging by the beach, it’s time to go back to school. With just two weeks left, you should start preparing your wardrobe. Whether it’s your first or last year in college, you want to look and feel great throughout the whole year! So, here are some cool outfit ideas for college students:

The Classy Look

cool classy outfit
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For that classy look, pull together a fitted frock and some jeans, and throw a shrug over it. Frocks in neutral colors (such as black or brown) work well with white, grey, or tea pink shrugs. As the weather gets colder, a shrug will definitely help you. For days that are a little warmer, choose shrugs that are made with lighter fabrics but still complete your look. Alternately, wear a buttoned-up cardigan over a silky slip skirt.

Forever In Floral


Florals were a big hit during the summer and continue to dominate the fashion trends for the entire 2019. Therefore, floral pieces will surely make your new look interesting. What’s more, this pattern works really well with wardrobe staples like denim jackets, jeans, and sandals. Wear a plain white tee that pairs perfectly with a floral skirt, or a flowy dress with a slouchy denim jacket and white sneakers, or a pair of floral pants with a Victorian-inspired top. You will also look cool with a floral bomber jacket outfit.

Plaid Will Never Go Out Of Style

One thing to remember when choosing an outfit is to be warm as well as show your personality and style. For this reason, you will never go wrong with plaid.  So, try incorporating it into your wardrobe and make a cool impression with a plaid top or jacket. It works great with denim pants (for both boys and girls), skinny jeans, and boots. Now, who says a plaid top has to be always a button-down style? You can opt for a chic outfit that features a plaid sweater over dark wash jeans. 

Fabulous in Pink


If you want to wow everyone around you (and if this look suits your personality), go for a pastel-pink blouse tucked into a pink skirt. Make your look even more eye-catching by wearing a black silken neck-tie and a fedora hat. If you’re not into skirts, you can try white skinny jeans. They look fabulous too!

The Classic But Cool Denim Look

Jeans are perhaps the most versatile piece you can ever find in your wardrobe. This school season, you will greatly benefit from having all sorts of jeans to wear. A pair of jeans works well with a variety of tops, from casual tees to button-downs, plaid, long sleeves, blouses,  and everything else you can think of.  

Sweatpants Are The New Jeans

This outfit turns regular sweatpants into a chick and comfortable look for all those long days at college. Look for those with a cut similar to slouchy pants, with cool detailing or pockets. You can wear these stylish pieces with high-ankle boots or ballet flats. For men, cropped trousers fitted at the waist with a hint of ankle showing are a great fit. Jeans are also a great pick for the gents.

The Boho Chic Look 

Since we’re heading into the fall, what could be a better outfit than a boho-inspired look? Bohemian outfits feature fringe, denim, and embroidery. Don’t forget to include swinging silhouettes, bangles, and standout pieces for a head-turning look.

These are all some fun ideas to spice up your look. However, make sure to remember not to sacrifice your comfort for style. When you’re unsure about the style you want, don’t hesitate to stick with the basic – a traditional, timeless look that spells comfort and style. Moreover, if you don’t want to make big changes to your style, try incorporating some details such as unique shoes. Wearing the right pair is a must for a fashionable outfit. Always choose modern men’s sneakers and women’s modern shoes that are appropriate for your look. This year’s hottest sneakers feature unique materials and earthy color tones. 

Lastly, remember to try out your look ahead of time. Doing so will help you decide whether you like it or not. Be sure to try on the whole outfit – from top to bottom, including your accessories. The last thing you want to happen is to make a change of heart at the last minute and end up being late.

Do you have any favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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