The Easy & Affordable Way For Millennials To Sail Through Greece

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When my sister and I decided to take a trip to Greece, we chose to do all the things that we wouldn’t be able to do in other countries. We wanted to make our trip as special as possible. Our cousin had recommended we sail through the Greek Isles, but we were unsure which company to use. There are so many options out there — and most of them exceeded our budgets.

That’s where MedSailors comes to play. 

They were recommended to us by our cousin who had sailed through Greece shortly after the company’s services first launched. Furthermore, she gave us raving reviews so we decided to book immediately. And low and behold, it exceeded our expectations!

MedSailors is a travel company focused on providing Millennials aged 19 to 35 fun-filled vacations in high-end destinations but all for a cheap cost. And instead of being on land and traveling by a smelly bus like most tourists do, this travel service does everything by yacht. 

That’s right. We sailed through Greece on a yacht feeling like a Kardashian. 

Here’s how it works: first, you choose your destination and register a few months in advance (spots fill up fast so you may even book a year in advance). After your payments are made, you just need to book your plane ticket and arrive at the marina location they designate for you. 

MedSailors offers routes in the following destinations:

  • Greece (two different routes)
  • Croatia
  • Turkey (two different routes)
  • Italy
  • Montenegro

Each day, you will wake up to a delicious breakfast made by your skipper (who acts as your sailor, chef, party planner and best friend all in one). Moreover, you will be able to sail and swim in the ocean until you get to the desired island destination in the afternoon. Furthermore, they have some organized excursions you can participate in (ours never exceeded more than 20 euros) or you can explore the islands yourself. Then for dinner, they might organize a group meal or recommend great restaurants for you to try. Similarly, they organize club nights if you’re in the mood to party.

So to sum it up: you sleep on the boat, have breakfast and lunch provided for you, and you travel all day at your leisure.

They plan it all! Plus, your skippers are quite knowledgeable about local areas. They also know everything about sailing in order to keep you safe and they often participate in some of the events to add to your fun experience. So you literally just have to wake up and RSVP if you wish to take part in the afternoon activities. And let me tell you, what they had planned did not disappoint us.

Our activities included the Saronic route offered in Greece. Some of the excursions we did were renting an ATV and exploring a hidden cave and a private beach, going wine tasting that consisted of 12oz glasses, parasailing along the coast, exploring a historical amphitheatre and have a private toga party complete with fashionable togas, smashing plates and loads of Greek dancing. 

Another great reason why we loved our experience with MedSailors was that they provided us an excellent balance of leisure. I mean, who wouldn’t feel extravagant sailing on a yacht through Greece with ABBA playing proudly on the speakers? 

Moreover, they offered us lots of adventures, group activities as well as individual time, and partying. Additionally, the people who you’re traveling with usually want the same balance and they make your experience worth it. 

On top of that, the MedSailors crew allows you to travel with groups and will put you on the same boat as your travel buddies (and you share a bed with them as long as you can all fit). They also have rooms and beds perfect for solo travelers. Likewise, they also cater to dietary restrictions and can always whip up something in a flash if need be. And while they don’t provide free alcohol for you, guests are encouraged to bring their own drinks and snacks on board – which is extremely uncommon for these kinds of trips. 

Anyone interested in a one-of-a-kind trip full of spontaneous adventures and luxury with a total Instagram-induced envy should look into this type of trip. If you have any questions about my experience or about the service in general, leave them in the comments below. I’ll be happy to answer them since this was truly the best trip of my life!

Featured image via @medsailors.


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