12 Relaxing Destinations You Should Vacation To

While certain trends, such as eco-travel, have already risen to prominence in the previous years, 2019 is here to bring us new, exciting wellness trends in the field of travel. Today, travelers are looking for trips that will leave lasting impressions on them and perhaps, even change their life for the better. If you, too are one such traveler, you will certainly want to hear about these wellness trends and destinations, so stay tuned.

Stay active in Tasmania

If you want to get away from January’s cold winds, head down to Tasmania, where the Australian summer is in full swing. Tasmania has become a beloved destination for those who are looking for an active holiday full of incredible sights and the opportunity to reconnect with nature. Hiking and experiencing the natural wonders of this island is a wonderful start to the year.

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Momcation in Costa Rica

The responsibilities that come with being a mom can wreak havoc on your mental state. So, if you are a mom, take a break from home once in a while to relax. Costa Ric is the perfect relaxation destination. Costa Rican Februarys are dry and warm, ideal for lying on the beach and soaking up the sun. You deserve to relax in paradise!

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Yoga holiday in Thailand

In March, restore your connection with yourself and your body. Get back into yoga at one of the many yoga resorts in sunny Thailand.

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Mindfulness in Bali

By April, Bali’s rainy season has just ended, which sets the perfect scene for a holiday and allows you to while dodge the crowds. Get ready to restore your inner peace on this magical, highly spiritual island. Rent one of the spectacular pool villas that dot the coasts, and rejuvenation will be on its way.

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Fertility trip to Oman

For those who are planning to have a baby soon, a fertility trip would be the perfect holiday. You’ll build strength throughout your body, thanks to the special nutrition, exercise regime, and de-stressing opportunities that this vacation brings. So, take some time off and focus on your health at Six Senses Zighy Bay in May!

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Have a good night’s sleep in Portugal

The modern lifestyle leaves many of us craving a good night’s sleep… but never really getting it. To remedy your lack of rest, you can take a “sleep performance” trip to Portugal, where professionals will help you rediscover that refreshing feeling of waking up well-rested.

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A preventative trip

A lot of people opt for so-called “preventative” trips to leave behind harmful habits or improve their health. For instance, giving up smoking can spare you from a variety of health concerns. Check out anti-tobacco holidays that might change your life.

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Leave technology behind in Nepal

If you feel like constantly staring at your computer screen is suffocating you, plan a technology detox holiday that will keep your brain from constantly thinking about those unanswered emails. Head to Nepal (or another one of these beautiful destinations), and you will relax like you’ve never thought possibile.

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Immerse yourself in nature in Iceland

Iceland is an ideal destination for the above-mentioned technological detox trip, and it’s also a great choice for those who want to truly immerse themselves in nature. So book an Icelandic holiday in September, as it’s the perfect time to avoid the crowds.

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Health and culture in Vietnam

October is a truly great time to visit this exciting country, and Vietnam’s healthy-eating culture will delight you! You can even go for a raw food detox trip in Da Nang.

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Head to Spain after a divorce

Have you recently experienced a divorce? If so, chances are you need some time to take care of yourself. Divorce retreats are a rising trend focused on emotional healing. A four-night getaway at the Amanda Hamilton well-being retreat in Spain during the month of November is a great option for recent divorceés.

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Tough and transformative wellness

Take the notion of an “active holiday” to a whole new level, and opt for a tough, transformative holiday. Any destination that allows you to explore many activities, such as Bali or St. Lucia, is a great choice!

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There is no doubt that the current travel trends and hottest destinations are winning combinations. With a variety of options to choose from, everyone can find what they need in an exotic getaway.

Featured Photo by Vu Thu Giang on Unsplash.


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