5 Ways That Being In A Sorority Positively Changes Your Life

These days, everyone seems to have an opinion about whether sorority life has a positive or negative effect on women. Some people think that their sororities are the best thing that’s happened to their lives, while others share the horror stories behind why they left their sisterhoods. I, for one, love my sisters, so here are five ways that being in a sorority has changed my life for the better.

1. I have gained incredible friendships.

Although I have only been a member of my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, for 1 year, I have gained friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I’m lucky to have become extremely close with so many amazing women who will be my sisters for the rest of my life. Even though we come from different places, we share so many similarities, from our majors to the theme parks we love. Those mutual interests bring us closer. 

2. My confidence has increased greatly.

Thanks to my sisters, my confidence has shot up. With their encouragement, I’ve been able to push myself to try things I wouldn’t have otherwise dreamed of.  My sisters got me into theatre, which I had always wanted to try, even though it scared me. I’m so thankful for my sisters because without them, I wouldn’t have found my passion.

3. My sorority sisters are incredibly supportive.

Whether I need to vent about midterm season or I’m celebrating a new theatre role, my sisters constantly stand by my side. Knowing that my sorority sisters support me through both the good and the bad always brightens my day and lifts my spirits.

4. Sorority life has taught me to find fun in the little things.

Before I joining AOII, I didn’t realize how fun even the “boring” moments of college could be. Even just grabbing a meal with a sister and catching up after a long day brings me so much joy. Whether it’s a 15-minute study break or a day-long service event, every little moment of sisterhood makes me happy.

5. Sorority life has helped me become involved in something bigger than myself.

When I joined my sorority, I knew that we had a philanthropy, but I didn’t realize how much the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation would have such a big impact on who I am. Being part of AOII and doing work with the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation, though, has made me realize that being in a sorority is about so much more than friendship, sisterhood, and fun. At the end of the day, sorority is about helping others.

I’m so glad that I didn’t listen to the negative stereotypes and decided to join a sorority. If you choose sorority life, you’re sure to reap the amazing benefits, too!

Have you joined a sorority?  How did it impact your life? Let us know in the comments!

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