7 Reasons You Should Date A Girl Who Loves Disney

The world of Disney is truly magical. Disney films and theme parks have been a part of our lives for many generations. The magic of Disney isn’t just for children, though. In fact, Disney’s magic enchants us even as adults. So, here are seven reasons why you should date girls who love Disney.

1. Girls who love Disney are magical.

Let’s be real: girls who loves Disney try their hardest to keep the magic alive in their lives, especially in their  relationships. Whether they’re planning a date or picking out the perfect gift for their very own Mickey (or Minnie), Disney-loving girls always know how to work their magic.

2. Disney-loving girls are creative.

Disney-loving girls enjoy letting their creative juices flow, and these artistic touches work wonders in relationships. If you’re dating a girl who loves Disney, expect her to give you creative gifts from the heart like hand-drawn pictures, beautifully-crafted love letters, or even a sweet booklet with pictures of you together.

3. A girl who loves Disney is compassionate. 

A girl who loves Disney will be extremely compassionate. They always seem to understand their partner’s needs. Growing up watching animated love stories really comes in handy once you reach adulthood, and Disney-obsessed girls enjoy showing compassion for their partner any chance they get because they know that a tender heart is magical.

4. Disney-loving girls are animated. 

Girls who love Disney are incredibly animated, which makes dating them even more exciting. They know how to make boring parties come to life, and they always bring out their partner’s fun side. 

5. Girls who love Disney are never dull. 

The fun never ends with a girl who loves Disney. They love bursting into song, telling hilarious jokes, and seeking out thrills. With a Disney-loving girl, you’ll make so many fun memories, like riding Splash Mountain or even just reliving your childhood.

6. Disney-loving girls show their love. 

Girls who love Disney always express their love. They make sure that their partner knows just how loved they truly are, and they appreciate everything their partner does for them. You will always know exactly where you stand with a girl who loves Disney.

7. A girl who loves Disney is open to trying new things.

Disney-loving girls are more willing to try new things. For instance, Disney parks have so many treats to try, like  626 ice cream in honor of Lilo and Stitch or the Instagram-worthy Mickey Mouse ice cream or Disney princess candy! When you’re in a relationship with a girl who loves Disney, be ready to step out of your comfort zone. Your girl will be right there with you, ready to try the most thrilling rides! 

Who doesn’t love a girl who adores Disney? A girl who loves Disney makes life more vibrant and fun. Which trait on the list do you agree with most? What other great qualities do girls who love Disney possess? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image by Matt Popovich on Unsplash


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