5 Purrfect Reasons You Should Adopt A Kitten

Don’t get me wrong: I used to be exclusively a dog person. However, my recent relationship has introduced me to a newfound love for cats. I have grown up with dogs but never owned a cat. It wasn’t until my girlfriend moved in and brought her cat along that I realized: Cats are incredible. Now, we have two cats and one new kitten, who is the inspiration behind sharing these five reasons you need a kitten in your life.

1. The meows

If you have heard a kitten meow, you know it’s the cutest sound on the planet. Usually, when cats are still growing, they’re trying to find their voice, so they love to trot around and practice their roar. It’s a moment full of pride when you realize your sweet kitten has grown out of its kitten meow and has found its inner lion roar. 

2. The pouncing and butt wiggles

One of the most precious sights is witnessing a kitten’s first butt wiggle.  They will “wag” their tails and practice their meow, and before you know it, they are wiggling and pouncing off the walls. To initiate a kitten butt wiggle, scratch your fingernails on the ground. You’ll thank me later. 

3. The exploration

If you have a kitten, you are familiar with their bravery when exploring their surroundings. They sneak around cautiously and poof up at any new and unusual sight before investigating it. I didn’t think about it before owning a cat, especially since our house is bigger than the one from which the kitty came from! There are so many new scents, sights, and sounds to explore, and you get to be the lucky tour guide! I’ve loved seeing all the crazy places I find my kitten during her exploration.

4. The sleep spots

Kittens are like toddlers — they can fall asleep anywhere, at any time, in any position. One of the cutest things is catching your kitten with their nose pressed into the couch because their head fell. I guarantee that catching a sleeping kitten will provide you with the utmost joy.

5. The snuggles and purrs

Before I had a cat, I had a preconceived notion that they were not as affectionate as dogs. However, that’s definitely not true. Owning a kitten will ensure you a lifetime of headbutts, silent love meows, and never-ending snuggles. When raised from a kitten, these cuties can learn to become comfortable with snuggling in bed, on the couch, and even in your lap. Who said you needed a lap dog?

If these gifs weren’t enough, I dare you to search “cute kitten gifs” and see if you can survive the cuteness. There are easily more than five reasons to get a cat, and you will learn that quickly once you have one. If you are like the old me — a stone-cold, never-change-my-mind dog person — I encourage you to consider getting a cat. They are great additions to the family and provide endless love, laughter, and joy. So the next time you’re thinking about adding a new furry friend to your family, think about a cat! Cats are incredible animals, and they deserve the same love, affection, and appreciation as dogs.

Featured image via Sam Lion on Pexels


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