5 Things Every Manager Needs To Do To Keep Their Employees Happy

Are you managing a business? If so, you need to know that your employees are considered internal customers. Furthermore, these internal customers should feel satisfied while in the workplace. Only then will they produce their best work and ultimately move the company forward.

A happy employee is a motivated employee, and that’s the best asset your company can have.

As counterintuitive as it may sound, offering a competitive salary that tops the industry is not what ultimately determines employee satisfaction with their workplace. In fact, there are many aspects that matter just as much or more as the dollar amount listed on the paycheck. Therefore, here are five key tips to help you make your company the best place to work:

1. Recognize, Appreciate, & Reward

Recognize, appreciate, and reward your employees for their performance. This doesn’t just mean a pay bonus, but a suitable token of appreciation that you present to the honorary employee in front of other staff members. When an executive offers a pat on the back or other gesture, it can work wonders for company morale.

2. Encourage & Support Workplace Diversity

Even in 2019, many companies still shy away from workplace diversity. Don’t make that mistake. For starters, hire a diversified workforce. Then, ensure that your business is void of any form of discrimination, including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliations, or dietary preferences. Also, ensure harmony amongst your staff by using employee engagement programs. Finally, make it clear that all promotions happen based only on merit, period.

3. Implement Fair Time Management Tracking

An accurate time-tracking mechanism ensures optimum utilization of resources and helps your employees maintain deadlines. Instead of constantly micromanaging your employees, turn the responsibility over to them. When you provide a solution that allows employees to monitor their own pace, you will benefit from their increased productivity. What’s more, you can use this tool to show appreciation for employees who demonstrate consistent punctuality and exceed deadlines. It also allows coworkers to monitor their teammates and encourage each other to work hard. Overall, when you implement these types of management systems, it’s a win-win in the workplace.

4. Don’t Forget Gifts

Everyone enjoys celebrating the special days within their lives, and why shouldn’t we also do this in the workplace? You can always offer promotional items from places like iCustomLabel and customize them for various occasions. Employees appreciate recognition for their personal milestones like birthdays or anniversaries, and small tokens like these can also help with your company’s branding efforts.

 5. Always Respect Your Subordinates

As an employer of millennials, don’t forget one ground rule: Respect those who work under you. Regardless of someone’s place in the corporate ladder, all contributions matter in the workplace. Also, remember that all opinions matter, and try to acknowledge concerns from everyone within the building. The best work environments are ones in which everyone feels like their voice and efforts matter, so show your employees that you care.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making your employees feel respected and wanted. Create a work atmosphere that they love and your company’s progress is hands down assured!

Feature Image by CoWomen on Unsplash


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